The runway, the Saviour of this crisis

 The runway, the Saviour of this crisis  A mastery of our company’s financial situation is essential, especially in the current crisis. Our CEO should ensure that the “company box” has not been run out of money. Therefore, there is a key metric to manage and control: Runaway.  This indicator refers to the time that our startup can “live” before running out of …

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Post-Covid food: how to let food become our best medicine

“Let the food be the medicine and medicine be the food” said Hippocrates, considered the “Father of Medicine”. The coronavirus has not only made us aware of the progress in vaccines and drugs but also made us interested in home-made and healthy food which allows us to decrease the risk factors related to this disease.

Thrive launches its 7th Accelerator Program for agri-food startups

Thrive launches its 7th Accelerator Program for agri-food startups  Thrive, the top global accelerator in the agri-food technological industry and the most active investor in the sector, has opened an application process for its 7th Accelerator Program.  Thrive is looking for emerging agri-food / agriculture technological companies from any value chain area with a technology that led us to a more efficient, sustainable and safe future. The …

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Telework has arrived. Will it stay?

The coronavirus crisis has made it necessary to promote teleworking, however, this way of working was already growing. More and more companies are sending their employees to work from home (either totally or partially) to avoid contagion during the working day.

The consequences of the virus do understand gender

Since the beginning of the pandemic, politicians have been at pains to proclaim that the coronavirus understands neither borders, nor races… nor genders. Although this statement is true from a health point of view, in the world of entrepreneurship it is being observed that the economic consequences are indeed varying according to gender.

If you want your startup to fly high… make sure to have a good takeoff runway

If you want your startup to fly high… make sure to have a good takeoff runway  Anyone who has ever taken a flight knows that there are certain “critical” moments when the seat belt lights come on and passengers hold on tightly to their seats. The first of these is takeoff. Before the maneuver begins, flight attendants point out the safety instructions and the more skittish travelers make sure that there is no fault in the aircraft. However, no one notices the element that really makes it possible for the plane to take off and the passengers to raise their heads in relief: the runway.     Whether the aircraft can reach the necessary speed to take off depends, above all, on the length of the runway. Something similar to what happens in the world of aviation happens in the world of startups. To get your business off the ground, it is essential to have a good runway. So much so that the second most frequent reason why startups fail (29% of all cases) is to run out of runway.    The perfect runway  It is essential for the entrepreneur to know their runway when boarding in a project. The formula to calculate it is very simple. Firstly, the monthly net cash burn is determined; it means resting the …

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Economic recover: there is light at the end of the pandemic

Economic recover: there is light at the end of the pandemic   This song released by R.E.M in 1987 has become famous again in 2020. Facing the coronavirus pandemic, people have recalled a theme that proclaims that “it is the end of the world as we know it”. In recent months, pessimism has gripped many people, some of whom have almost prophesied the end of the world. Nothing could be further from the truth. We cannot ignore the fact that COVID-19 has brought much suffering to our society, but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Or, in this case, of the pandemic. And the global economy is already beginning to show it.    Excess of pessimism   In this uncertainty situation, it is recommended to be down to earth, but not in hell.  An excess of pessimism regarding the economic situation can be counterproductive. To assess the level of excess optimism or pessimism in the economy, it is useful to use the Economic Surprise Index developed by Citigroup. This index measures the difference (positive or negative) between published official macro data and economists‘ expectations.    The Economic Surprise Index reached a recod of positive figures in the third quarter in 2020, once the global lockdown has passed. Although it has decreased in the last quarter, this is keeping higher than any other quarter in the last ten years. This means that the macroeconomic figures are much more positive (taken the serious situation into account) than the forecasts…what is thie difference due to?  Human beings tend to fear the unknown. Never before have we faced home confinement. Nor would it have occurred to us that governments would be forced to shut down businesses such as the restaurant industry. So when this has happened to us, the more doomsday predictions have been gaining momentum. However, as scientists, politicians and businessmen have learned the “new rules of the game”, the novelty has become the “new normal”. While everyone wants a return to total normalcy, economic activity is now much higher than when the pandemic got out of control in March.   Positive data in the United States  One of the countries with the biggest Economic Surprise Index is the United States, the global leading economy. Several factors explain why the economic recovery is going faster than expected there. The main factor is the nature of the crisis. Americans feared that this crisis could be equal to or worse than the Great Recession. However, they are not comparable.    While the last crises in the United States were the consequence of structural failures in the market, the current healthcare crisis is a one-off “shock”. A tough crisis, but with an expiration date, provided that a solution is found and effective economic recovery and digitalization policies are implemented. In this sense, the Pfizer vaccine has provoked an environment of hope, which has been translated into great increases in Wall Street.  Recovery by sectors  In order to analyze this economic recovery, we have to distinguish betwee three sectors: those who were not affected by confinement or social distance; those who were only affected by confinement; and those who continue to suffer the effects of social distance after confinement (awaiting vaccines).    In the first group, we find sector such as accomodation, financing services, food and other non-durable services. These have not suffered any negative effect, and the last two ones has even experienced a slight development in the first stage of the confinement.  Among the sectors that were only affected during the confinement were automotive, household appliances and clothing. After a decrease in consumption of between 20 and 50% in the second four-month period, these have recovered in the second half of the year. Some have even reached consumption levels higher than at the beginning of the year.    The last group is composed by sectors which will not recover their nomality until a reasonable inmunization level is reached thanks to vacciness. It can be …

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Goodbye 2020, we won’t forget you, unfortunately!

Goodbye 2020, we won’t forget you, unfortunately!  By these days, we usually write a letter of appreciation to summarize the year that has just finished and to make an approach to positively face the upcoming year.  2020 has been a year difficult to forget. All of us are tired of bad news, but we must face this new year with optimism. We have many reasons …

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All you have to know about Due Diligence

All you have to know about Due Diligence  Due Diligence can be defined as a legal audit through which a review or exam of the different areas in a company is performed. Its purpose is to facilitate information to the potential purchasers so that they can know the real situation in which the company is.   Although it can be performed by the own seller,  the purchaser is who, in most of the cases,  requests it.   The length of time is unknown. Some of them take 3 weeks for executing the result, and others need 2 months. It is proven that the more time invested, the better results turn …

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From Alexander Pope to Grey Glasses: 400 hundred years of Crowdfunding

From Alexander Pope to Grey Glasses: 400 hundred years of Crowdfunding  From 1715 to 1729, the well-known English poet, Alexander Pope, translated the Iliad into English. However, he faced a real problem: he did not have the resources to publish his work. He created a pre-sale model in which he asked people for contribute a certain …

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