Telework has arrived. Will it stay?

The coronavirus crisis has made it necessary to promote teleworking, however, this way of working was already growing. More and more companies are sending their employees to work from home (either totally or partially) to avoid contagion during the working day.

The consequences of the virus do understand gender

Since the beginning of the pandemic, politicians have been at pains to proclaim that the coronavirus understands neither borders, nor races… nor genders. Although this statement is true from a health point of view, in the world of entrepreneurship it is being observed that the economic consequences are indeed varying according to gender.

213,000 reasons to invest in Marsi Bionics

Marsi Bionics is a Spanish project dedicated to the design, development, and commercialization of patented robotic exoskeletons with variable joints to improve human walking. Currently, this SME is immersed in a round of funding through Fellow Funders which aims to obtain one and a half million euros.

Education: Key factor in SMEs growth

SMEs contribute to 40% of GDP and generate more than 90% of net employment growth. The current economic and social crisis makes them be on a tightrope. In order to stay afloat, they need to increase their competitiveness and become more efficient. How can they achieve this?

29 reasons to trust Fellow Funders

Equity Crowdfunding is a world full of possibilities despite some obstacles along the way. At Fellow Funders we know that well. During the 3 years we have been operating, we have had the opportunity to go along these 29 companies that have successfully completed their financing rounds.

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