Investment in Start-ups remains stable in the first quarter of this year

Fundación Innovación Bankinter is committed to support the Spanish entrepreneurs. Therefore, they have created the Observatorio sobre el Ecosistema de Startups en España (Observatory on the Ecosystem of Startups in Spain) to act as a barometer of the entrepreneurial sphere within the economy. Likewise, it seeks to provide the entrepreneurs a tool of information and detection of useful trends.

Asval, the first association of rental owners in Spain

Rigidity in the contracts, protection against occupation in some communities, threats to veto price increases that they would like to apply to their rented homes or the shadow of a suspension of rent payments for those affected by the Covid-19, these are some of the obstacles owners of rental apartments must face at this time.

The Government approves a new financial measures plan aimed at the self-employed

The Government has approved a new plan of economic measures to face the Covid-19, among all of these includes the relaxation of social benefits for self-employed workers who cease to work under certain conditions and the suspension of social security contributions, as well as exemption from the payment of contributions to those companies that, instead of laying off workers, take advantage of temporary layoffs (ERTE).

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