Are platforms satisfying our mission and generating added value?

This is the future of crowdfunding The mission of platforms Fellow Funders is immersed in a process of analysis and reflection on the current and future situation of the PFP(crowdfunding platforms) sector. Is the sector truly fulfilling its assigned role? Are platforms providing real added value for investors and project promoters? Should the role of platforms go …

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Whatever it takes 2.0

In support of the economic aid packages launched by governments in Europe and, in line with the action plan taken this week by the US Federal Reserve System (Fed), the European Central Bank (ECB) has announced an additional €750 billion bond buyback programme.

A green zebra in my investment portfolio!

We talked about gazelles, camels, cockroaches and unicorns, among others. However, this time, we want to introduce the new species that we believe will soon populate our ecosystem: the green zebras.

Prefabricated homes: the emerging model of take-away homes

A prefabricated house is a complete house that is made up of different sections assembled in factories. On the other hand, a modular house is a house that is built (both structure and enclosures) in modules, in a factory or workshop.

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