Invest in real estate without buying a house

Real estate crowdfunding has consolidated its position as an alternative form of investment in the real estate sector over the last few years. This approach allows investors to participate in real estate projects without necessarily purchasing entire properties that require extensive capital or previous experience in the market.

Advantages of investing in real estate crowdfunding

Real estate crowdfunding has become an innovative investment method in recent years. Investors can participate in real estate projects with relatively low investment and share in the profits generated by these projects.

LATAM capital in Spanish bricks

Latin American investment in the Spanish real estate sector offers an attractive alternative for investors looking to expand their portfolios and diversify in a stable and profitable real estate market.

Real Estate Crowdfunding: the democratization of real estate investment

Investing in a tangible asset entails the possession of physical assets. Real estate is a more tangible type of investment than other options, which has historically made it a very popular choice for making a return on savings. It is further reinforced by how the real estate value tends to increase over time, potentially generating long-term gains from capital appreciation.

Reinventando el modelo de consumo

Reinventing the consumption-based model

The consumption-based model is constantly evolving, especially since technology plays a leading role in exponential growth and progress. As a result, these changes have led to countless repercussions in access to information, communications, consumption, work, or leisure.

We are looking for black-hoofed pigs

What do pigs, chickens, and startups have in common? Much more than you think. In this article, I will explain why all startup founders need to be fully and not partially involved to ensure their projects survive or be resilient in the medium to long term.

Top events for entrepreneurs in Spain in 2023

The entrepreneurship ecosystem, innovation-based and disruptive business models, or in other words, startups, is attracting investment with record figures in terms of operations in 2021 and 2022, especially in terms of the volume of capital injected. It is reflected in the increasing creation of startups and the more mature investment market that supports these companies with larger funding rounds.

Shares and Dividends: Tax Return 2023

Tax time is approaching. As an investor, you are wondering how to include your shares and dividends obtained from your investments correctly and benefit from the state and regional deductions that we have already detailed in our previous articles:

Autonomous tax advantages for investors: 2023 Tax Return

As an investor, considering the autonomous community tax advantages associated with start-up investments applicable to your income tax return in Spain will help you to define a diversified portfolio. Such deductions can complement the state-level tax advantages depending on the autonomous community, which we already mentioned in the article “Autonomous tax advantages for investors: 2023 Tax Return”.

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