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– Scoring – Fellow Funders 

As we said in previous occasions, at Fellow Funders we would like to make investment in startups closer to individual investors from a professional point of view and following high-quality standards used by the big investors. One of the main aspects in our model is the Scoring.  

Every project we receive is assessed following a rigorous methodology that helps us understand and analyze the risky environment in which they are developing. This methodology encompasses some aspects: founder team, product/service, legality, market, barriers to overcome, regulation, strategies, etc. 

Fellow Funders Scoring 

After this exhaustive analysis, we obtain the Fellow Funders Scoring, with values between 0-100 that allow us to know if the risks presented in the startups are too high or they are bearable. Only those companies or projects which get a scoring higher than 65 are published in our platform. A mark under 65 implies some risks and uncertainties that are too high for investors. 

This process does not mean that the companies offered to invest are free of risk, as we cannot forget that they are startups. However, we can assure that these companies have faced a rigorous assessment process, which does not discard but it delimits all the usual risks in the investment in a startup. Thanks to that evaluation, we will have the necessary information to exclude those that do not meet the minimum viability requirements to become a sustainable and profitable business. 

Alejandro de Villalonga is an economist from the University of Barcelona, EXMBA from IE and Master in E-Commerce and E-Business from Ramon LLull University 

He has developed his professional career in a leading Spanish bank holding management positions in different divisions (credit risk, business, financial management, commercial planning and technology and operations) in different countries and multicultural environments, leading and managing change processes.  

He has participated in the creation and development of several startups and is an active investor in different Equity Crowdfunding platforms.  

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