We make the difference (chapter 4) – Investment room – Fellow Funders

As we said in previous occasions, at Fellow Funders we would like to make investing in startups closer to individual investors from a professional point of view and following high-quality standards used by the big investors. Today, we are going to talk about two main aspects of our model: the documentation about the projects that Fellow Funders make available for investors, and the Investment Room in the decision-making process 

At Fellow Funders it is important to be transparent and to help you to make decisions with the utmost confidence. Remember that investing in startups or SMEs is a medium-term project and its risks are high. However, the possible profitability is directly related to the risk assumed. 

Investing is a serious decision. Therefore, at Fellow Funders we provide all the project’s information available to investors: business model description, Partner Deal, forecasts, Management Team, and an investment proposal.  

We would like to make conscious investment decisions based on measurable and objective data. Information transparency and reliability are vital factors for Fellow Funders. 

Investment Room – Fellow Funders 

Our purpose at Fellow Funders is to make the investors feel confident with their investment. For this reason, we have created an Investment Room. In this private area, there is a chat where investors can contrast their opinions with other investors, apart from speaking with the startup or SME promoter team. In this way, the investors can solve their questions in a maximum term of 24 hours.  

Other aspect to highlight about this Investment Room is that investors can be connected in streaming with the promoter in a YouTube videoconference at least once during the development of the campaign. In this press conference, they will be able to formulate as many questions as they consider convenient to the promoter. Moreover, the recording will be available, as it will be included in the Investment Room.  

We would like to inform you that the Fellow Funders’ investors have access to this Investment Room and they can see all the detailed information about our projects. Finally, signing up as investors is a free and rapid process. 

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