How do I register as an accredited investor?

Equity Crowdfunding services are regulated by the Law 5/2015 on the Promotion of Business Financing in Spain. Therein, it establishes the two types of investors. Non-accredited investors (with limits on investments) and accredited Investors (without limitations). 

In order to be able to invest more than €3,000 in a given project or more than €10,000 in total in the last 12 months, you should: 

Meet with the requirements to be an accredited investor

If you are a natural person you must meet one of the following two conditions 

  1. During the last 12 months you have received an annual income of more than €50,000 or you have a financial assets worth more than €100,000 and you request** to be considered as an accredited investor in advance and expressly waive your treatment as a non-accredited client. 
  2. You authorize the advisory service provision on the financing investment of the platform by an authorized investment firm. 

** In the application, you must pass our financial test. 

If you are a entrepreneur you must meet two of these conditions 

  1. The total worth of the assets is equal to or superior than €1M. 
  2. The amount of your annual turnover is equal to or superior than €2M. 
  3. You own resources are equal to or superior than €300,00. 

If you are a company and you request to be considered as an accredited investor you must also pass our financial test and expressly waive your treatment as a non-accredited client. 

If you meet with these requirements you can apply to be registered as an accredited investor through your private area (as long as you have already been accepted as a non-accredited investor). Once all the information required is uploaded and you have pass the financial test (it should not take you more than 5 minutes), we will proceed to approve your accredited investor application as soon as possible.  

Do not forget: An accredited investor status exposes you to greater risks and to enjoy less protection regarding crowdfunding investment. 

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