«El Bernabéu» project: Welcome pack

 «El Bernabéu» project: Welcome pack 

By the end of last month, El Bernabéu press media, specialized in both Real Madrid football and basketball teams, opened its investment round through our platform to consolidate its development. 

El Bernabéu is one year old and has grown without any type of financing, so it has no external debt. It is a self-financed project since its inception.  

The team is formed by a group of professionals who have already successfully managed similar projects. Its CEO is Jorge Calabrés, a journalist and publicist with more than 12 years of experience in media and business management, and for the last 5 years specialized in Real Madrid. 

Why now? We believe that now is the perfect time to invest in El Bernabéu for several reasons:   

  • Real Madrid is the club with the largest number of fans in the world. 
  • The Bernabéu closed 2017 with more than 26M impressions and currently has more than 900,000 unique users per month. 
  • El Bernabéu has a loyal audience that grows every day. 
  • It is a project in full expansion. 

A series of different projects are scheduled for 2018 that will guarantee scalability and consolidation as one of the major sports media outlets. In addition, in order for all investors to be an active part of this project, El Bernabéu will give them a welcome pack as a sign of gratitude for their trust. 

For more information and to invest in El Bernabéu, please visit the project and documentation on our website, or click on this link. 

A series of different projects are scheduled for 2018 that will guarantee scalability and consolidation as one of the major sports media outlets. In addition, for all investors to be an active part of this project, El Bernabéu will give them a welcome pack as a sign of gratitude for their trust.  

For more information and to invest in El Bernabéu, please visit the project and documentation on our website, or click on this link

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