«1785» project: the welcome pack

 «1785» project: the welcome pack 

Today, we would like to talk about a promising project called 1785. This is a project which aim is to place value on every positive side of society and to transmit a renew and fresh image of Spain. 

Do you know that Spain is the European country with the worst self-image? It is true that we have seen better days, but we have several reasons to be proud of our country, our background and about our cultural, natural and historical richness. 

This project aims to emerge, free of ideological connotations, all these wonderful aspects that make us be unique, and to place in value some qualities such as solidarity, friendship and talent. Spain is a lifestyle more than a country. 

1785 is pursuing a social success, and it has numerous sources of income to make it profitable. 

The first two business lines are: 

  • A brand of fashion products representing the image of Spain (directly commercialized orthrough some licenses and co-branding), mainly sold through their web: 1785.es 
  • Content creation and spread about “the best things about Spain” in the media (TV, radio, digital), followed by ways of income based on derivatives, licenses, events, etc. Moreover, thissecond line adds benefits in positioning and spread in massive media.  

José María Moya, the CEO of the company, explains why investing in his project is a good idea. 

Which factors make 1785 different from others? 

  • Positioning: There is no other brand that generates the excitement and the very high adhesionthat 1785 generates. 
  • Differentiation: A modern design in line with the renewed and fresh image of Spain.  
  • A marketing method adapted to the new times, through eCommerce, which minimizes costsand allows us to offer more economical prices.  
  • multichannel strategy in place, which gives them greater visibility in the media.  
  • Agreements with top-level partners.  
  • Expert partners in the different areas of brand development (branding, fashion, entrepreneurship, etc).  

As we have previously said, we have many reasons to be proud of our country, especially 1785 reasons. 

“1785 reasons why even a Norwegian would like to be Spanish” is the biggest collection ofachievements, people, positive facts and contributions of Spain to humanity throughout itshistory. 

This book has a deep documentation and composition work behind, in which more than 200 people have been part of to make it real. If you invest in this project through Fellow funders, you will receive a free copy as a thank you for your contribution. 

This book is being a success. It already achieved5 editions in the first 12 months, more than 180 appearances in the media, a great acknowledge by companies and institutions. All this reflects a collective feeling of union, of fraternity, and the fact that more and more of us want to change the perception of Spain, both inside and outside, and position the country in the place it deserves. 

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