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This company has prepared a set of bonifications for you according to your investment. The aim is that you, as a future shareholder, can check in firsthand how the CooltureBox service works and feel part of this project: 

From €1,000 investment 

Box valued at €59,90 

Redeemable for tickets from 2 to 6 people to Festivals, Magic and Circus Shows, Monologues, Museums and Theater. 

From €2,000 investment  

Box valued at €119.90 

Redeemable for one night in a hotel and tickets for 2 people to Festivals, Magic and Circus Shows, Monologues, Museums and Theater. 

From €3,000 investment 

 Box valued at €179.90 

Redeemable for two nights in a hotel and tickets for 2 people to Festivals, Magic and Circus Shows, Monologues, Museums and Theater. 

CooltureBox is the pioneer in the development of a unique product: the first cultural experience boxes operator in the market. You will not find any company with the same offer. Some of the experiences include the best theater shows, musicals, festivals, concerts, magic shows, circuses, opera, dance, monologues, expositions, and so on. 

Each experience Coolturebox box has: 

  • A 210 pages cultural guide with information about the theme chosen. 
  • A gift voucher useful for the event, show or cultural experience chosen from our online catalogue 
  • If applicable, the management of the tickets for events, shows and culture experiences, the dinner, drinks or the booking and stay in the best accommodation. 

Coolturebox is an intermediary. This means that, on the one hand, it favors the cultural event by allowing it to be known by a wider audience, and on the other hand, it favors the work of promoters, who can sell more tickets to their events. 

The wide offer that the CooltureBox experience boxes has is because of a massive reach as far as potential consumers are concerned. With these experience boxes all age ranges are covered, in both genders, male and female, since its offer is so wide and varied that it reaches absolutely everyone.   

What makes Coolturebox  different from the rest of the companies in its same sector: 

– User experience: each customer can choose from hundreds of different experiences. Other advantages of this product would be their availability, as you can enjoy the experiences for a long period of time of up to two years, and the possibility of extending it even for another year.  Above all, the fact that they can enjoy their experience whenever they want, whenever, wherever and with whomever they want. 

– Support to the cultural sector: Coolturebox is a strong support for promoters, programmers, halls, theaters, museums and all kinds of spaces, organizations, companies and professionals that promote the organization and development of cultural events, whether they are public or private. They help to disseminate them and encourage ticket sales. 

– Promotion of culture: in addition to their experience, Coolturebox users get books on various cultural themes that stimulate the understanding of the history and evolution of culture in its different expressions: theater, dance, classical music, opera, musicals, festivals, magic, circus, etc., through texts that synthesize in just over 200 pages the essence of each cultural theme, accompanied by illustrations and selected photography. 

– Donation to charity: through an agreement reached with Aldeas Infantiles, a percentage of each box of experiences sold is donated to this charity, winner of the 2016 Princess of Asturias Award for Concord. 

Remember you can access to the project sheet clicking on this link and answer your questions in th Investment Room. Best regards from the Fellow Funders team.  

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