Be part of AIUDO starting today

Be part of AIUDO starting today 

 Do you wish to INVEST in a project with a scalable model and with a high potential for development? 

The project of AIUDO offers a customized service, with a section of caregivers of dependent and elderly people. Every family, in a certain moment of their life, need these kinds of services to guarantee the safety and care of elderly or dependent family members. 

In the investment round of AIUDO, a large number of investors has been recruited, with which we have reached 45% of the recruitment target. 

Among the investors betting on this project is Daniel Sardina, founder partner of Praxis Investments L.C. and a professional with extensive experience (more than 18 years) in corporative finance, controlling and management roles in companies such as Porcelanosa, Cerámica Karimex, Grupo PIAF o Ernst & Young. He is also member of Big Bang Angels. 

Daniel Sardina was one of the biggest actors who introduced Ilerna Online in the education prospect, offering Vocational Training courses with official certifications. This was possible thanks to Daniel Sardina, who was present as an investor and as a trainer in this potentially innovative company. Know more about Ilerna

Daniel Sardina 

 Read all the information about AIUDO through our platform and you will understand why you should invest in this company with a high potential for development.   

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