AIUDO: the home care technological platform that has 82% from the total of the investment round

AIUDO: the home care technological platform that has 82% from the total of the investment round 

AIUDO has already achieved 82% of the round 

 AIUDO, the startup from Valencia specialized in the home care for elderly people, has launched its first investment round of 150,000 euros through Fellow Funders. The company was founded by Daniel Ibiza (CEO) and Ignacio Guarinos (CTO) in 2016. However, the company started to altruistically promote the elderly people-ideal caregiver relationship in January 2015. Daniel started this project when his mother got sick, and, after living this first handed, he decided to create the service he would have liked to find in the past. 

Economic evolution 

Since Summer 2016, AIUDO has achieved to manage 3 million euros in its turnover. The company managed 2 million euros in 2018 and reached the break-even thanks to its entrance in the business launcher. Up to date, it offers its services all over Spain, both in capitals and small rural villages. It has more than 9,000 caregivers registered and in 2018 it approved more than 1,400

AIUDO is in its best moment, as it has reached financial stability and it is making profits. Moreover, 20% of its team are IT developers, which has allowed the company to develop its own software: it is able to select the caregivers according to each specific case. This is the key to success. AIUDO has also automated every bureaucratic and commercial process. This is the reason why it is now in its best moment to improve its services without increasing the staff or infrastructure. 

Reasons to invest in AIUDO 

The capital increase will be used to intensify marketing in the usual channels, and the company expects to multiply its revenue by 3 in only 8 months. “We are growing 200% per year just by reinvesting all our revenues, now, we expect to grow 300%,” says Daniel. In addition, starting its international expansion in 2019 is among the company’s plans. 

AIUDO has already reached 82% of the round 

This round, which has already raised 82% of the target, is led by Daniel Sardina, the reference investor. Some well-known investors from the Valencia Region have also decided to be part of this project, including successful entrepreneurs and advisors. “It is especially important for us that investors who decide to join us are able to help not only with money, but also with contacts, entrepreneurial experience, or to grow our social impact,” Daniel says.  

This company was chosen as the Best Company on Social Impact in 2018, according to Aje Valencia. Moreover, it was semi-finalist in Mapfre Social Innovation Awards. Its services were focused as a solution to increase job placement opportunities for groups at risk of social exclusion. “It is important to offer an excellent service for the elderly, but it is also necessary to help vulnerable groups, as foreign people with no support or victims of gender-based violence. This is the approach that makes us different,” confirms Daniel. 

April 4th will be the closing day of the investment opportunity. This company is in a huge market and they have focused on their technological bet to digitize the sector.  

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