The tourism sector revolution

The tourism sector revolution 

Those who believe that innovation within tourism is limited to accommodation-sharing platforms or “robot-dinosaur” receptionists are very mistaken. 

An evolving sector 

As in many other sectors, the rapid global deployment of the internet changed the typology of the tourism industry and consumer. Thus, the mass internet user wanted to add the purchase of his favorite goods and services to the knowledge and entertainment that the new networks have. .  This exchange was still taking place outside that wonderful new connected world, and becoming the great barrier separating our world on and off. 

The pioneers of online commerce (e-commerce) realized the advantages: to expand the business vision (not just buying and selling) and to save the physical points of sale. It is possible to add a unique value to the final product that cannot be materialized through any other sales means. 

The tourism sector is in constant evolution and new technologies have come to stay. Many attractive and valuable technological applications have been developed and applied to tourism. Among them, the following stand out: the use of an algorithm based on your interests, the organization of big surprise trips and from home, and for those sites that you missed, the creation of virtual reality tours. 

New travelersthe customer profile of the tourism sector in the 21st century  

New technologies are not only applied in the creation and development of new products, but also for the identification and segmentation of new types of travelers who are growing in numbers. 

These new travelers present their own concerns and needs, and companies must address them in an original way. Companies must adapt to this new target, whether because of their language, culture and traditions. Otherwise, they will have to give up their “piece of cake”. 

One of the best examples are the tourists from China. Almost 20 years ago, meeting a Chinese tourist was something strange. Nowadays, there is no tourist corner that is not full of Asians travelling in groups or individually. That type of tourist with high purchasing power and who is looking for something more than just travel comes from China. Tourists want to experience our traditions, gastronomy and culture, and even purchase beauty and textile products from major ‘made in Spain’ companies. 

This is a clear change of trend, an opportunity to stand out from the competition or to specialize a company. This is the case of ChineSpain, a clear example of those entrepreneurs who have known how to adapt to a market that grows and evolves at a frenetic pace. 

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