An opportunity to reinvent yourself and make the most of your vacation: Become the CEO of your own life

An opportunity to reinvent yourself and make the most of your vacation: Become the CEO of your own life

Become a CEO during your holidays. At the beginning of important dates like Easter, millions of people around the world take a few days to rest, read, be with their family, meet with friends or practice some sport. 

Disconnect to connect 

When most people hear the word “vacation”, they unconsciously think of a couch and watching the latest season of Games of Thrones or enjoying a few days of sun and beach with their loved ones, i.e., disconnecting from work and doing a complete mental “disstress”. Thisis why experts agree that those moments of absolute disconnection can be used to reflect, reinvent themselves, and turn to another direction. 

Startup Island has caught our attention, a personal and professional development accelerator that connects students, entrepreneurs and young professionals. Their claim is a statement of intent: “Entrepreneurship is much more than owning a business. It’s about taking ownership of all aspects of your life. You are the CEO of your own life.” 

Routines for entrepreneurs  

Startups Island makes trips near the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica for entrepreneurs to get out of their routine and for them to share, reflect and interact with each other.  Meeting other people with same aspirations helps to improve and reinforce part of soft skills (creativity, reactivity, pro-activity, problem-solving ability…). 

If the company also does this for its own benefit, it will have positive repercussions for its business project and, therefore, for all its stakeholders, especially its investors.  

In this sense, each entrepreneur is motivated by personal ambition and multiple motivations. The most important reason is the business success and, therefore, the success of the investors who support them with their money but also with “smart money”. 

It is important that entrepreneurs take time to rest and recover their energy. But it is also important to spend time to mature and grow as a benefit for the success of their business projects.  

Have a good rest. 

stephan maisons
Stéphan L. Maisons
Fellow Funders team

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