Dougall’s comes to Fellow Funders

Dougall’s comes to Fellow Funders 

The craft brewery from Cantabria trusts equity crowdfunding as an alternative financing way. 

Dougall´s beers 

Dougall’s history 

We would like to talk about its background. The history of Dougall’s goes back to 2006 when a British man living in Cantabria, Andrew Dougall, and his partner, Enrique Cacicedo, wanted to make a craft beer with distinctive touches that would stand out from the traditional offer. 

They started with a small production of only 15,000 l/year and paid special attention to the raw material. They soon realized that this drink deserved to reach a much wider target. 

They began reinvesting in new machinery and personnel to increase production, and therefore, the opportunity to extend their offer. But it wasn’t enough for them yet… 

Dougall’s factory in Liérganes (Cantabria) 

Beers with International Reward  

Its sales are increasing over the years to double digits . Moreover, they have received more than 12 international awards and are positioned in the ranking of the best Spanish beers. In addition, there are many fashionable bars and restaurants that wish to count on their more than 15 varieties of beers that they brew. 

They currently produce more than 350,000 liters per year but demand still far exceeds supply. That is why they are looking for an investment that will help them to satisfy their public in all corners of the peninsula. 

There is nothing better than shared financing without excessive dependence on banks. Moreover, they have the support of all those who believe in their business project, and we trust in their extraordinary product.   

Our Future  

Its turnover has not stopped growing since 2012, exceeding one million euros in the last financial year. Through the financing campaign at Fellow Funders, they are seeking to raise more than one million euros with the purpose of tripling production through the expansion of a new adjacent factory and multiplying exports. 

Its founding partners are convinced that the best way to undertake this expansion is with the real and honest support of the people who believe in their project, just as their family and friends did proudly during its beginnings. 

In May, Dougall’s will enter the pre-campaign phase where all those interested can reserve their participation from 1,000 euros. 

And remember, if you like beer… be(er) Dougall’s! 

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