Fellow Funders, the fintech venture in crowdfunding

Fellow Funders, the fintech venture in crowdfunding

Alternative financing methods are increasingly becoming a way to raise money for projects or companies. Equity crowdfunding is born or is supported in crowdfunding, so it is crucial to know beforehand what the crowdfunding method consists of.

“We gather a pull of investors. We channel it towards investment projects. We are more alternative because we are the fintech,” says Mariano Colmenar, Partner, and Director of Institutional Relations at Fellow Funders.

Through this modality, the same project can be financed by several people, making the investment much easier since it will not be necessary to invest a very large amount of capital with tools that facilitate fundraising without the ties of Venture Capital or bank interests for the entrepreneur on the one hand. In addition, they will have the support of their customers and suppliers, thus becoming ambassadors of the project and accessibility to a much wider target audience, where the online platform makes it possible to make varied investments in a very simple way and suitable for virtually any type of investor.

Success stories

Cerveza Artesanal Dougall’s: a brewery of Cantabrian origin that raised the largest equity crowdfunding round in Spain so far (1.25M EUR) in just 6 hours and a quarter. More info here.

Source: Capital Radio

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