Craft Beer, a new opportunity for investors with a desire for originality and growth potential

Craft Beer, a new opportunity for investors with a desire for originality and growth potential 

Beer is the most popular drink in Spain with more than 3,792 million liters of beer sold in 2017 (equivalent to 81.4 liters per citizen). It is already the second most consumed drink in the world. It is not surprising that both entrepreneurs and famous companies decide to take on the adventure of creating their own craft beer. 

Plato said, “he who invented beer was a wise man”. From ancient times, beer has always generated great passions for the human being and its consumption has not been so moderate since the times of the philosopher. 

The Spanish market has grown by 44% in more than 10 years. 

In our country, wide community of beer crafters has been generated, from amateurs to true master brewers. This has given rise to various craft beer fairs, such as the VI Feira da Cervexa Artesá in Lugo. 

Successful stories in beer market 

There have been several success stories in terms of craft beers, such as 3Monos, from Malaga (creator of beers inspired by pop culture characters), or La Cibeles (from Madrid), recently purchased by Heineken with the purpose of strengthening its presence in this market. 

The boom is clear due to the interest that big companies are showing. However, they are not the only ones that stand out in this constantly growing market.   

“What he really needed was a beer bottle with the wet label and those beautiful cold drops on the surface of the glass”. Charles Bukowski. 

 The beer market seeks to finance its growth through equity crowdfunding 

One of the first Equity Crowdfunding financing successes was the company Cierzo Brewing Co. A company from Aragon responsible for Cierzo Calanda, a craft beer that emerged thanks to the entry of several investors from the British platform CrowdCube. 

Equity crowdfunding is a real alternative to conventional bank indebtedness. This method provides capital to those who truly believe in the projects, the teams, and the breweries. 

This is giving a breathing space and more manageability to entrepreneurs who want to make their projects a priority. Equity crowdfunding is here to stayEquity crowdfunding is Fellow Funders. 

Dougall’s craft beer is constantly growing and preparing to meet strong demand: Dougall’s come to Fellow Funders. 

Dougall’s is a highly awarded Cantabrian brewery with more than 30 varieties of craft beers among its ranks, and more than 350,000 liters produced annually. Due to its rapid growth, the team had to seek financing to be able to meet the high demand. That is why they decided to rely on equity crowdfunding. 

Dougall’s is the first beer with which we do a financing round, and one of the largest financing campaigns for a craft beer through equity crowdfunding. 

In May, Dougall’s will enter the pre-campaign period, where all those interested can reserve their participation from 1,000 euros. 

Undoubtedly, this round will be a great opportunity for those investors who want to support an ambitious project with great prospects of success. 

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