Cositas de España trusts again in Fellow Funders to keep growing

Cositas de España trusts again in Fellow Funders to keep growing

The first European fashion ecommerce for the Latin American market trusts again in the equity crowdfunding as a good alternative to traditional financing ways. 

Summer is coming and you are thinking about renewing the closet. If you live in Spain, you have a great variety of women fashion brands. However, the Latin American market is not that varied. There is very few ecommerce. European brands are only a 1% of the market in this geographical area.  

If you would like to access to a huge number of fashion brands and to choose the ideal look for every occasion…Cositas de España is the solution! 

Linking two worlds 

Latin America has a big fashion public, but the demand is not being 100% covered. Many Latin women show their interest in European fashionbut they cannot access to this market. 

This project was born when Cinthia Ezcurra, CEO and the company founder, moved from Peru to Spain. 

Any time Cinthia comes back to Peru, her suitcase is full of clothes for her family and friends. They are delighted with all this new fashion clothing that are so hard to get. 

Cinthia and Julio, (the project co-founder), saw a market opportunity thanks to the desire of Latin American women to have the last European fashion trends. 

Since no other ecommerce had boosted this sector, the aim of Cositas de España is to provide its customers with a catalog of fashion brands from Europe that they cannot find in physical stores. 

To test their hypothesis, they decided to try this business in 2015. Six months later, Cositas de España invoiced €16,000 and from 2016 to 2018, CdE’s annual turnover has grown from €50,000 to €400,000

Reasons to come back to Fellow Funders 

Cositas de España was one of the first projects successfully financed thanks to the Fellow Funders platform. And we already know that, if something works, why changing it? 

The company keeps trying to build loyalty and providing excellent service to all its customers. Every second customer repeats! 

Fellow Funders had the opportunity to acknowledge its business potential twice. It is an innovative idea that meets the need of an unpolluted market, which wants to acquire items of European brands. Now, thanks to Cositas de España, they can do it. 

The next step 

Latin America is not alone in this problem. In other parts of the world, such as Norway, the fact of getting clothes from European brands is also very difficult. This is the reason why Cositas de España wants to expand to Latin America, Nordic countries and South Korea. This will be possible thanks to its new online store, Luksso. 

One of their short-term goals is Nordic countries. They are aware of the large niche it represents. For this reason, their platform will be available in English as soon as possible. 

Cositas de España is growing in a remarkable way. Now is time to take off and accompany them in their next round of funding. Cositas de España plans to raise 120,000 euros through our crowdfunding equity platform.  If you would like to be part of this project, we encourage you to visit their available space on the platform and reserve your investment now. 

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