La Más Mona is in Fellow Funders

La Más Mona is in Fellow Funders 

The Netflix of the Fashion industry makes available to its followers, clients and suppliers a part of the company to raise new funds.  

How did it all start? 

When we are invited to a weeding, we all go through the same drama when thinking about how difficult it will be to find a good outfit. Polo Villamil, CEO of La Más Mona, explored this problem and reached many conclusions. 

Polo realised in 2013 that women spent a great amount of money on outfits that they would wear in very few occasions. And if they could not afford to do so, they would buy a lower quality outfit which would make them feel uncomfortable. 

For this reason, Polo decided to tackle this evident problem by developing a clothing rental. He conducted this business through his website and founded La Más Mona. He opened his first store the following year and that allowed to increase the company’s turnover. He opened two more franchises in Valencia and Malaga in 2018, and if that was not enough, he opened his first store in Zaragoza during the same year. Also, another store will be soon opened in Seville. 

Gradually, the family of La Más Mona has been growing at a rapid pace. It manages the web traffic, which receives thousands of visits, and a franchise model that ensures the moment of purchase there where it is already present. Therefore, accomplishing the initial objective: providing women with the opportunity of wearing a unique outfit for each special occasion. 

The growth is so enormous that La Más Mona has seen appropriate to receive help from an alternative funding and the equity crowdfunding offered on our Fellow Funders Platform. Through that platform, they expect to expand their business and reach more parts of Spain by opening new stores. And everything by counting with those who believe in this business: the loyal followers, clients and suppliers. 

We know every wardrobe is different 

La Más Mona knows there are no two people alike, that is why they offer different outfits for each woman to find hers. More than 90 designers (among them Carolina Herrera, Ginna, etc.) help each woman find her unique preferences. In addition, La Más Mona has a personal stylist who advises each woman to find her ideal look. 

What is more, La Más Mona has its own designers who can offer designs adapted to the latest trends and at an even lower price. There is even more: the company offer the clients the opportunity to rent the dresses they no longer use. Therefore, they can gain an extra advantage. And it is not only about dresses. La Más Mona has also accessories and other fashion items so that clients can complete their look. Among them you will find headgear, bags, shoes, necklaces or earrings. 

The professional fashion team knows all the current trends and those that are coming, those of the current designers and the real needs of the current woman. What is more, its unique relationship with firms allows us to update our collection continuously. 

Following a sustainable model 

If this was not enough, La Más Mona is also part of those current companies that contribute to a greater sustainability, since fashion is the second most polluting industry globally. By extending the life of current garments, we avoid the unnecessary manufacture of new ones that will only be worn on few occasions. 

A market in constant growth 

In the Anglo-Saxon world clothing rental is already something quite normal whereas in Spain we are barely starting. Therefore, the growth potential in Spain is quite huge nowadays

Renting is something common in our lives, think about Netflix or HBO, for instance. Then, why should not we try so in fashion? Why should not we have a renewable wardrobe? 

Trends are changing faster and being in line with it in fashion and with our clothes is not an easy task. But, La Más Mona is here to help you. 

Now is the time to innovate in the clothing rental sector. La Más Mona knows so and we, Fellow Funders, know it too. That is why we want to be with you in your investment round. 

Polo and his team know that the future is in change. The fashion train is increasingly moving faster and faster, although we are already on it… what about you? 

LAMASMONA plans to raise €400,000 through our equity crowdfunding platform Fellow Funders.  If you would like to be part of  this project, we encourage you to check further information on our platform and to reserve your investment now

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