Dougall’s Beer breaks all records in Equity Crowdfunding round through a Spanish platform

Dougall’s Beer breaks all records in Equity Crowdfunding round through a Spanish platform

  • The open funding round through Fellow Funders for Dougall’s Beer closed in a record time of 6 hours and 15 minutes and has brought together 396 investors. 
  • This round is the largest ever made by a Spanish crowdfunding equity platform. 
  • Francisco Mariscal, CEO of Fellow Funders: “Investors show their confidence in our valuation models which allows us to close financing rounds in record time”. 
  • Fellow Funders is an equity crowdfunding platform authorized and supervised by the CNMV and founded by former banking executives. 

Madrid, 3 June 2019. In six and a quarter hours, Cervezas Dougall’s has reached 125% of financing through the Spanish platform of Equity Crowdfunding Fellow Funders; the maximum allowed by the National Securities Market Commission. Specifically, the Cantabrian company dedicated to the production and distribution of craft beers has raised 1,250,000€ from 396 investors. In this way, it becomes the largest crowdfunding equity round completed by a Spanish platform. 

Through this round, which has had an average ticket of 3,150, Cervezas Dougall’s seeks to finance its new plant, which will be located along with the one it currently has in the Cantabrian town of Liérganes. This investment will allow them to produce up to one million litres a year to meet their entire demand.  

As Enrique Cacicedo, co-founder of Dougall’s, explains: “We decided to go for alternative financing and we were not wrong, we have obtained the money we needed to continue growing without bank leverage and involving our customers and friends“. 

In addition, among its forecasts is the construction of a restaurant space to receive all the people who come to the factory’s vicinity, thus generating extra income that will allow them to continue improving the brand’s image. 

Francisco Mariscal, CEO of Fellow Funders declares: “The success of this funding round is a clear sign that investors appreciate our work and valuation models, and we have achieved an oversubscription of 125%, the maximum allowed by law, in a few hours for Dougall’s round“. With the closing of this round, Fellow Funders becomes the Spanish platform that has raised the most capital so far and, moreover, in record time. 

Cervezas Dougall’s began its journey in 2006, when the Spanish beer market was not as developed as it is today. Throughout its history it has produced up to 13 different types of beer, which has allowed it to adapt to the tastes of its consumers. In fact, of all the investors, “70% are consumers of the company’s products”, says Mariscal

With the project financed in this round, investors have acquired shares, with which they will receive a minimum annual preferential dividend of 4%, depending on the investment they have made.  

With this round of financing, Fellow Funders, a Spanish fintech company authorized by the CNMV to work in equity crowdfunding, opens a new financing channel for this type of project. “Cervezas Dougall’s had managed to finance the construction of the new plant through the banks, but they opted for equity crowdfunding to make their customers more loyal to this project,” concludes Francisco Mariscal, CEO of Fellow Funders

About Dougall’s Beers | 

Dougall’s Beers is a Spanish company dedicated to the production and distribution of craft beers. Since 2006 they have produced up to 13 different types of beer, adapting to the tastes of their potential consumers. Their important recognition in Spain has led them to expand their facilities to produce one million litres per year to satisfy all demand. 

About Fellow Funders | 

Fellow Funders is an equity funding platform created by a group of investment experts with decades of experience in the industry. 

Fellow Funders is the only platform that offers alternative investment using a proprietary scoring model and valuation algorithm, developed to offer investors only the best projects.  

Fellow Funders is a funding platform that offers the possibility of investing in startups to both professional and individual investors. 

Fellow Funders is authorized and registered with the CNMV to operate as a participatory financing platform.   

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