Our clinical data, our future health

Our clinical data, our future health 

 Thanks to the digitalization of our clinical data combined with AI tools we will live longer and better 

Nowadays, new studies and research are published almost every week talking about the advantages of making use of our clinical data, especially our medical record. 

Great progress is being shown in the field of medicine, such as the improvement of more effective and beneficial treatments, and the identification of some disease patterns. Now, we are able to diagnose many diseases much faster than a few years ago. 

Using these personal data has led to a controversial issue around the patients’ privacy. However, as it happens in other strategic sector, according to the methodology applied, we can be sure that any person can know “our intimacies.” 

We might focus on how instead of who. If the technological process used in the “sensitive” data processing can anonymize any datum registered in the system, we can be assured. You can read the new anonymization standard for DICOM images, like with x-rays. 

We will have a complex Big Data system as a result of this type of data use. Different AI tools can process thousands and millions of data at the same time. The purpose is the identification of patterns and relationship between hundreds of variables discovering previously unknown factors. 

What do we need? 

We should know that a Big Data or Deep Learning system must have hundreds, thousands or millions of data in digital format to work properly.  

And this is where one of the great shortcomings of today arises. The vast majority / Most of our data that could be included in these advanced systems are not in a “treatable” or rather “exportable” format. In other words, as a rule, these are in paper format distributed throughout different hospitals and health centers in Spain. 

Xolomon answers 

With new diagnostic tools and democratization of electronic devices, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies or any clinical research center are integrating little by little these tools in their daily work. Thus, obtaining digitized data now

The Spanish company Xolomon, which is in the pre-campaign step in our platform, has the solution: Clinical research management system, the transformation of our clinical record into e-format, and the EDC. 

Thanks to its cloud-based systems, any health center or laboratory is able to instantly integrate in a processable format any valuable data in order to increase the efficiency of patient care, or to complete various research and innovative studies. 

Xolomon is one of those companies that have managed to develop an ecosystem of products that are at the forefront of their sector. From Fellow Funders we predict an overwhelming success. Are you going to miss it?

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