Create your own alternative investment portfolio. Diversify your investment.

Create your own alternative investment portfolio. Diversify your investment. 

So far in 2020, we have closed a large number of projects such as Easycharger, Mooevo, Connected Life, Wygers or Birra and Blues. These rounds are already finished. Most of them have exceeded their target of capturing investment opportunities. Unfortunately, these opportunities are no longer coming back… But there’s no need to worry, we still have other open financing rounds for you to build your investment portfolio. 

We believe that investing through equity crowdfunding is one of the best ways to diversify. Therefore, we want to show you a practical example of “how to build a portfolio in 5 years“.   

What return could I have by creating my alternative investment portfolio? 

An investor with a capacity of €2,500 per year could invest in five different companies. If they repeat this operation for the next five years, they will have invested a total of €12,500 in 25 different companies

When choosing companies, it is also important to diversify. By doing so, the possibilities of obtaining profitability are broadened. For example, you can both invest in a brewery company, like Cerveza SanFrutos, and in one from the optical sector, like GreyGlasses. Always attending to your tastes and preferences. 

Based on annual studies on startups that reflect the percentage of successful companies, we could establish the following

From a total of 25 companies in which you have invested your money, five of them will multiply their profitability by 10. The rest will not obtain significant benefits, and therefore, we will not see it reflected in our portfolio. 

Adding up the total investment of €12,500 distributed among 25 companies, if the investor also has the 30% tax incentive ( €750 per year) the accumulated tax benefit over the five years would amount €3,750. 

Thanks to this simple exercise we can conclude that by only investing €2,500 per year for five years, the investor would have his portfolio built in a diversified way, obtaining a 130% profit on the initial investment made. 

If you want to take the next step, visit our website and discover all the projects available.   

What are you waiting for? Create your portfolio now! 

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