Invest in Cositas de España together with José Masaveu

Invest in Cositas de España together with José Masaveu 

Do you wish to invest in a project with a scalable model and a high growth potential together with a benchmark investor? 

The COSITAS DE ESPAÑA project is about a marketplace in Madrid, focused on the European cloth firms’ sales to women residing in Latin America, and to North Europe soon. This business model idea emerged from the lack of European brands in Latin America. 

In the second investment round of COSITAS DE ESPAÑA, we had already been supported by more than 20 investors with which we have reached more than 10% of the objective.  

Among the investors who have bet on this project we find José Masaveu. José Masaeu is thegeneral director of Bodegas Masaveu and has a professional large experience in building, restructuring, managing and directing companies such as some wineries like Fillaboe, Murua, Pagos de Araiz, Valverán , and Leda. Furthermore, he is the President of Bodega Alto in Ribera del Duero, where he works together with Mariano García in the elaboration of one of the most prestigious Spanish wines. José Masaveo, in his professional career, has also founded companies like Valverán, the first icy cider in Spain, which is being consolidated in high range restaurants with Michelin Stars; or fund management like MMR, among others.   

(More information about Bodegas Masaveu

José Masaveu has his own business angel role helping in the consulting for the elaboration and development of projects or companies with the aim of empowering the Spanish business fabric and providing a growth opportunity to talented projects. Cositas de España is his latest investment with which he has been positioned as a reference investor, taking part of Board of Administration. 

This investment is the fourth Spanish startup which he takes part of, being Parkifast the first and the best-known of them, which is growing, and which has a profitable future. 

José Masaveu 

Get all the information related to the financing round of COSITAS DE ESPAÑA through our platform and you will have enough reasons to invest in this company with a high growth potential. 

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