What happened with 33 El Musical?

What happened with 33 El Musical? 

For those who have not heard about it yet, 33 El Musical, one of the revealing shows in our country the last season, was successfully financed through  Fellow Funders last year. In the first round, hey got to achieve more than €180,000. This could be possible thanks to the 55 investors support, who placed their trust in this amazing artistic project. 

The 10th of October the musical will strike again. The aim is to continue thrilling the audience, just as they did the first season (120.000 people). It is a unique experience which tells the story of the biggest influencer of all times, Jesus of Nazareth. The cast is formed by more than thirty actors, a live orchestra, and more than a hundred professionals. 

Fun, rhythm and excitement are the main cornerstones of this surprising show. It has received no less than 13 nominations (such as Best Musical of the Year) and has been awarded for Best Scenography. 

As the managers say, this musical has become one of the referent musicals of all seasons, thanks to the success of the critics and after having the “sold out” label on numerous occasions. 

Once the performance of 33 El Musical is over, Espacio 33 will remain at IFEMA (Feria de Madrid). It’ll continue being a versatile space, prepared and equipped to host all kinds of large format events such as shows, conventions and concerts, among others.  

Fellow Funders has no doubt about their quality and believes they will continue to fulfill the theaters, delighting all their audiences. FF would like to invite you to live this experience first-hand and to know all the news of their second season, you can’t miss it!  

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