Youshow expands its business model

Youshow, the company that has developed an app which allows any user in the world to generate publicity content from their own smartphone, has decided to look for financing through Fellow Funders

The technology developed by Youshow turns the universal practice of recording and sharing videos in social networks into a real-time publicity model. After entering the big business corporate market together with clients like Hoteles Meliá, Heineken, DIAGEO, or Yamaha, Youshow expands horizons transforming the User Generated Content in publicity and creating the first User Generated Advertising model. Youshow’s goal is to become the main advertising company created by the world user.  

The Need 

The overwhelmingly long, expensive, confusing, and exhausting process required for producing other “conventional” spot with a very low impact is unmatched with the authenticity, spontaneity, simplicity, infinite diversity, rapid production, fast delivery, and immense profitability and reach of User Generated Content

The constant creation and exposure to User Generated Content in the new generations (Millenials and Post-Millenials), make User Generated Advertising the most persuasive advertising paradigm for the future consumers, giving Youshow an invincible advantage in the medium and long term.  
User Generated Advertising is the model of advertising from and for Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), which means that it is, fundamentally, the advertising of the 21st century.   

The innovative solution  

The technology developed by Youshow capitalizes the videos universally recorded and shared in social networks through smartphones as an immediate global advertising channel. Updated, simple, and powerful: Youshow only takes a minute in turning a smartphone recorded video into an advertising video.  
The Youshow’s app changes any situation of value created by companies and their customers and sets a real-time social network advertising. 

The market 

Advertising expense is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2019-2023) of 17.6%, resulting in a market volume of US$ 187,633 million by 2023.  

We are talking about the fastest growing market in the entire advertising industry.  

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