What happened with 1785?

We started this new year with the presence of  1785, a reference brand and project of Spanish products. Its goal is to remark all the good aspects of our society and to transmit a positive, fresh, and renovated image of our country. 1785 was successfully financed through Fellow Funders getting the total amount of 249.231€ (125% over the total round) and thanks to the support of 70 investors

1785 have appeared more than 100 times in the media (some of them in national media), such as  Onda Cero (a Spanish radio) in  «La brújula de Madrid» program and Canal Sur Noticias (an Andalusian radio). They have also appeared in printed media such as El País, La Voz de Galicia, and La Gaceta regional de Salamanca, among others. Finally, they are also present in some important gift guides (Elle magazineGuía del Ocio, El Corte Inglés leisure&culture, La casa del libroVanitatis, etc.). 

Following the successful crowdfunding campaign launched in June, the company managed to partially finance the creation of the children’s book called  17+85 españoles geniales (17+85 brilliant Spaniards). They produced 5.000 copies in the first run of the book in November, which were quickly distributed in all the bookshops (El Corte Inglés, La casa del libro and Fnac, for example). Furthermore, they made a second run with 2.000 additional copies in order to take advantage of Christmas’s shopping. They have also other projects like 100% España (100% Spain) and 1785 motivos por los que hasta un noruego querría ser español (1785 reasons why even a Norwegian would like to be Spanish), with an outstanding presence in the Casa del Libro leaflet. 

They have been so welcomed by media and readers that the launch of the children’s book this year opens new possibilities for the creation of new character editions or extensions. They are already working on a new title to launch, but, this time, in English. The reasons are the more than 80 million tourists visiting Spain every year and the Spanish people living abroad

Finally, they are planning the 1785 Spanish of the Year Awards. The companies sponsoring the awards with important contributions, may be part of the jury and benefit from the promotion and image of the same. They will have a panel of top-level entities to organize relevant and prestigious annual awards. 

We do not have any doubt that in 1785 they have wonderful ideas, and they play with different product lines to make it the perfect gift for any occasion. We are very proud to have had the opportunity to work with a team of professionals like them and from the Fellow Funders team we wish them a successful 2020

The 1785 team is grateful for all your support and wishes you a successful 2020! 

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