Fellow Funders: The story of a financial symphony

Fellow Funders has been built around four pillars that embrace financial services with a 360º, agile and independent approach. It consists of 4 movements, which form The Finance Symphony. They closely combine elements of financial and sectorial experience with the expertise of their professionals.  Fellow Funders represents a combination of skills for a comprehensive advisory and general financial services to companies, entrepreneurs and their shareholders. 

The Finance Symphony is composed by 4 movements: Fair Value, Crowd Investment platform, Alternative Assets, and Capital Markets division.  

Our history 

The Fellow Funders project began in 2016 as a duet formed by  Francisco Mariscal and Guillermo Ázqueta. Both left their jobs as bank executives to undertake a new adventure and start the beta version of the Equity Crowdfunding platform. Thanks to them, the first initiative was launched: Crowd Investment

In 2017, thanks to the complicity and desire to fulfill their purposes, the Fellow Funders staff was enlarged with the incorporation of  Ernesto MuñozOscar Valles and José Fernández. After meeting the first “composer”, they created their first work. 1st February 2017the first round of the equity crowdfunding platform was launched. Moreover, , the second Fellow Funders movement was created in the same year: Alternative Assets

In 2018, once their goals were met, they decided to expand the number of members to become a “chamber orchestra”.  Stéphan MaisonsRicardo Ruipérez and a team of more than 25 people joined the new Fellow Funders project. Likewise, the last two movements of Fellow Funders, Fair Value and Capital Markets were created. 

In 2019, the group was expanded with two other new members,  Mariano Colmenar and Gonzalo Albero. Their additions strengthen and expand the financial symphony of Fellow Funders with their talent, experience and know-how. 

In 2020, Fellow Funders launches its new unified brand and reorganizes its divisions to offer its clients a more harmonious offering under The Finance Symphony. 

Thus, the concept of 360 degrees was born, transformed today into The Finance Symphony. 

Our business units 

At Fellow Funders we have unified our 4 business units to complete our financial symphony. These 4 movements are synergistic and harmonious. They work together to generate the same melody, giving our clients and investors the best business opportunities. This is a financial symphony at the service of companies and investors

  • Fair Value is a tool to facilitate the evaluation of startups and projects. It aims to offer our clients a more complete service. This way, we can have a broader view of the company’s situation, as well as serving as a filter to choose the projects with the greatest potential to go into financing rounds. Therefore, we offer a scoring and assessment model to facilitate decision-making and help to know the real situation of a project and investors, accelerators, incubators and Corporate Ventures. 
  • Crowd Investment has already gained the confidence of more than 11,000 retail investors. So far, it has managed to finance more than 25 companies through its 4 movements, achieving the harmony of the financial symphony at the service of its customers. It offers Spanish companies an alternative source of financing and we offer investors at the same time the possibility to participate in projects with high growth potential. With all this, we are also increasing the development of an industrial fabric in our country. 
  • Alternative Assets consists of restructuring and optimizing the financial structure in order to maximize the efficiency of the companies’ asset situation. We help companies to optimize their financial structure while seeking efficiency in the management of their own resources. In addition, we offer management and external financial control services, through highly qualified resources, with dedication tailored to the needs and budget of each client. We also help in the definition and validation of companies’ financial models. 
  • Capital Markets is a result of the guidance and support that Fellow Funders’ clients requested from companies when they were floated on the stock exchange. Its objective is to help companies in their incorporation to the stock markets, and more specifically to the Alternative Stock Market (MAB – Spain) and EURONEXT. We are respectively registered advisors and listing sponsors. 

In the words of our CEO, Francisco Mariscal: 

“The creation of Finance Symphony is much more than a brand unification. At Fellow Funders we have always been known for tailoring our services to satisfy the needs of each client. By creating the Finance Symphony, our group wants to take a step forward, making possible a more personalized and close treatment. The client, through a single interlocutor, will have an efficient and professional answer in relation to the companies’ needs and the investors’ expectations”. 

Join our finance symphony! 

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