FacePhi goes public in Euronext Growth with Fellow Funders’ Capital Markets division

  • After the unprecedented success of five years in the MaB (Spanish Alternative Equity Market), FacePhi starts listing in EuroNext Growth
  • The tech company, a leader in biometric solutions, has debuted on the French stock market with a value of 7,98 euros per share.
  • Fellow Funders’ Capital Markets Division is the Listing Sponsor of the Euronext Growth operation launch to Euronext Growth.
Javier Mira, CEO of Facephi, Susana de Antonio, Head of EU Tech Hub Euronext, Mariano Colmenar, Senior Partner at Fellow Funders | Capital Markets, and Salvador Martí, President of Facephi, during the bell ceremony in Paris.

Paris/Madrid 25 February 2020. The company FacePhi, leader in multi-factor biometric solutions specialized in the financial sector, has started listing today at the Euronext Growth in Paris, a stock market specialized in small and mid-cap companies. The tech company debuted on the French stock market this morning with the admission of 13,277,083 shares under the ticker ALPHI

The value of the share has been set at 7.98 euros, representing a market capitalization of about 105.95 million euros during the first day of listing.

Dual Listing MAB + EuroNext Growth

The Spanish company (based in Alicante, southeast Spain) will operate under the formula of duallisting. Therefore, listing at the same time in the Euronext Growth market in Paris and in the Alternative Equity Market (MaB) in Spain, where it has been active since 2014.

This last move made by FacePhi comes after the company managed to close 2019 as the value that grew the most on the Spanish stock market during that year. Also, when its share was revalued more than 300%.

Launching to the French stock market aims at increasing the company’s visibility in the European market and so to attract new institutional investors. The aforementioned was highlighted by Javier Mira, the CEO of FacePhi, during the event in which the traditional bell ringing took place. Mira attended the event with the president of the company, Salvador Martí, and other members of the management team.

Salvador Martí and Javier Mira, President and CEO of Facephi at the Bell Ceremony at Euronext Growth in Paris.

In this sense, Mira has emphasised “the excellent business opportunities that open up to attract new investors internationally through this operation in the French stock market.”

“Listing on both Markets will allow us to increase our presence for European investors and strengthen our position as leading players within the national and international market” added the FacePhi’s CEO.

The first launch of Fellow Funders to EuroNext Growth as Listing Sponsor

Fellow Funders’ Capital Markets division, Listing Sponsor in the operation, has been the responsible of FacePhi’s launch to EuroNext Growth. This division is dedicated to supporting SMEs wishing to access the Euronext, Access Plus and Growth market since 2019. The independent firm has been reorganized at the beginning of 2020. In order to support SMEs and startups in their expansion and consolidation plans through the search for an optimal funding model.

Mariano Colmenar, Senior Partner of Fellow Funders and responsible of the Capital Markets Division, states: “We are glad for FacePhi’s launch to the EuroNext Growth. It is a truly formidable way of showing SMEs and startups with ambitious and international development projects such as FacePhi. With our Capital Markets offering, Fellow Funders wants to be the facilitator for any company wishing to access alternative equity markets such as EuroNext.

Fellow Funders’ Capital Markets Division, formed by a team of market specialists, helps SMEs and ETIs managers before, during, and after the transaction to guide them through their stock market experience.

Good prospects for FacePhi

FacePhi’s good economic performance has marked 2019. The company has closed this year with a growth of 82.88%, an increase that has translated into a net turnover of more than 8.2 million euros. EBITDA has also shown an improvement with an increase of 143.32% compared to 2018, reaching a figure of 3.11 million euros.

FacePhi’s biometric technology is present in more than 25 countries and has more than 10 million users worldwide. It is estimated that thanks to its technology, more than 850 million user authentications have occurred. The company’s client portfolio is now composed of more than 40 entities belonging to the financial and healthcare sector.

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About FacePhiwww.facephi.com

FacePhi is a leading Spanish company in facial recognition technology and mobile biometrics (based in Alicante, southeast of Spain). The company was founded in 2012 and ever since it focuses its activity strongly in the financial sector. FacePhi has also been operating in the MaB (Alternative Equity Market) since 2014 and markets its technology products focused on the security of financial institutions.

About Fellow Funders www.fellowfunders.finance

Fellow Funders is a Spanish independent firm whose mission is to support SMEs and startups in their expansion and consolidation plans through the search for an optimal financing model. The firm has launched its value proposition The Finance Symphony which represents the harmony of the 4 movements at the service of entrepreneurs, executives, their companies, and investors. 

The Finance Symphony’s composition consists of four movements: the company’s value assigned through Fair Value, then the financing rounds or equity crowdfunding through the Crowd Investment platform, afterwards the financial and strategic consulting through Alternative Assets. And lastly, providing help to our customer, once they are in the capital markets (MaB, EuroNext y OTC) through our Capital Markets division. 

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