“Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity”

“Artificial Intelligence is the new electricity,” ensures Emilio Soria, professor at University of Valencia . He strongly affirms that it is everywhere and that only some environments resist, such as the rural one

The main goal of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to achieve that a machine can have a general intelligence similar to a human’s. According to Guianfranco Laci, President of Lenovo, “AI is a tool that allows us to work to provide solutions that improve the quality of life, processes and services in the workplace.” IDC corporation considers that 70% of European initiatives for intelligent process automation will be powered by AI in 2023. 

The philosopher John Searle made a distinction between strong and weak AI in his article published in 1980. On the one hand, strong AI means that a properly designed computer does not simulate a human mind, but it is a mind itself and, therefore, it would be able to have and equal or even higher intelligence than humans. On the other hand, weak AI consists of creating programs able to do specific functions without the need of producing mental states. The progress of weak AI is far surpassing human expertise in certain areas. Absolutely all the advances made so far in the field of AI are manifestations of weak and specific AI

Great success has been achieved due to specialized AI, particularly thanks to the combination of two elements: the availability of huge amount of data and the access to high-performance computing for their analysis. Some examples of big success are AlphaGo (Silver et al., 2016), Watson (Ferrucci et al., 2013), and the progresses in autonomous vehicles or in medical diagnosis based on images. 

To conclude, we would like to say that the future AIs will not be able to follow culturalization and socialization processes, no matter how clever they become, so they can never be like human intelligence. They will be different from and foreign to human values and needs. 

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