Get the best recipes and ingredients to become a chef without leaving home

Food in the Box is a digital platform born as a part of a new sector in our country, “Meal Kits”. This sector not only allows clients to access to a catalogue composed by more than 700 recipes that can be personalized according to the customer’s need, but also provides home delivery with the exact measurements of the ingredients needed for each recipe. They count on personalized nutrition programs providing dieticians, recipes and recommendations to clients with nutritional needs

This project was created by Fabián León, the Spanish finalist of the first edition of Masterchef Spain, and Álvaro Cuesta, General Director of Sonar Ventures, a startups accelerator. They were successfully able to bring the Do it yourself concept in the kitchen by creating this concept. A great example of how they work is their weekly subscription for only 35.95€ (4.30€ per portion) that includes the following Meal Kit3 step-by-step recipes and the exact ingredients portions for two people, so that 6 dishes (2 per recipe) are obtained.  

They work under the philosophy of making the kitchen a space available for everyone, with from-garden-and-market-to-table products, achieving this way zero waste and using sustainable packaging.  

Food In The Box is currently looking for a 200,000 euros funding round to a 2,300,000 euros Pre-Money Appraisal. If they get to have this fund, they have different objectives: 

  • Develop their personalized Food App 
  • Develop a Foodinthebox Ambassador program 
  • Technology to be scalable 
  • Create the world’s largest database of recipes for meal kits 

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