What happened to La Más Mona?

La Más Mona, a leading groundbreaking Spanish women’s fashion rental company has recently closed a round of financing through Fellow FundersMany of the company’s clients and our investors have participated in this round. Oscar Ocaña has placed all his trust in this project as lead investor. The confidence in this new way of consuming fashion has helped La Más Mona to raise an amount above its initial objective with a total of €404,339, and in the process this success has been shared with the company’s 42 investors. 

The company began its activity in 2012 focusing on women that attend important events and seek to wear top brand designer clothing without having to spend a fortune nor giving up the latest trends. The company currently has numerous physical stores that will certainly increase following the expansion to other parts of Spain thanks to the support of the investors. In addition, with the money raised, La Más Mona will improve its website and thus be more accessible to its clients, in addition to hiring new staff and renovating its wardrobe. 

Polo Villaamil, CEO and founder of La Más Mona. Photo courtesy of CincoDías 

I have the vision that 10 years from now, 10% of our closets will be rented,” has stated Polo Villaamil, CEO and founder of La Más Mona. The company has just launched a new format to include everyday clothing that customers can access through subscription programs. “La Más Mona Daily” also offers the option to rent accessories. Promoting a rental culture has taken a step forward with this program, and it certainly represents a more sustainable and cheaper way to consume fashion. Customers can join the program with a monthly subscription for €49 choosing 2 items or with a monthly subscription for €89 choosing 4 items. After enjoying their chosen items for 4 weeks, customers can opt to keep them for another month, or they can choose new items from a great selection of dresses and accessories that change every season. 

By establishing a flat fee, customers will be able to renew their closet and be the most special guests at each event without spending a fortune or giving up luxury. As Polo Villaamil states, the company aims to become “the Netflix of fashion.” 

The model of La Más Mona has been highlighted in different media channels, such as TV station  Telemadrid.  

The company has also been featured in various printed fashion magazines such as FashionUnited,  Elle,Crónica, and in national written press such as  El Confidencial,  CincoDías,  El Español, and El Economista, among others. 

From  Fellow Funders,we invite our readers to support our startups; for sure they will give something to talk about in the future. Also, we would like to thank La Más Mona for trusting our platform and we will be supporting them in their successful journey towards sustainable fashion. We are sure they will continue to work hard every day so in the future their business model is known by everyone. We will keep you informed of their latest news! 

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