Lleida.net, quoted by MAB and Euronext, will pay the first dividend in its history

Lleida.net, the first Certification Operator company with presence in many countries around the world, has decided to make its first dividend, having a value of one cent per share, which means an amount of more than 160.000 euros. According to Lleida.net, this dividend is going to be distributed to holders listed in MAB (Alternative Stock Market) and Euronext Growth

Due to the delicate situation we are currently facing, the CEO and founder of the Sapena company stressed that “With this dividend distribution, we want to convey to investors a message of certainty in these uncertain times”.  

In this way, they wanted to give a reassuring message as they are confident in how the company will evolve. This is because the changes that are taking place in recent weeks due to the spread of the coronavirus, has caused it to increased its number of customers.  

It is worth noting that the company is on the right track, because just a few weeks ago the European Patent and Trademark Office granted it another patent on its registration and certification system for receiving emails. 

Also, in January of this year, month in which it celebrated its 25th anniversary, Lleida.net announced its best figures since it started quoting at MAB, as it had a gross exploitation result of 2.22 million last year, which meant an increase of 32% compared to 2018. In addition, it decreased its net financial debt by 42%. The company proudly highlighted “These are the best results since it was listed on the Alternative Stock Market (MAB) in mid-2015”. 

Furthermore, this company wants to highlight that it has strengthened its activity in R&D (Research and Development) to thus “invent new products that strengthen the validity of business communications that are broadcast remotely”. Among these we can highlight a system for both directors and shareholders of companies to vote remotely. 

Sapena also pointed out that “We have been working tirelessly since the crisis began, putting the safety of our employees, customers and suppliers first, and we will continue to innovate and adapt as we have done for a quarter of a century”. 


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