Online transaction and web traffic rates increase amid Covid-19 in Spain

The state of alarm declared as of 14 March by the Spanish Government have pushed up Internet used, our way to consume and so our way to purchase online. The Italian consultant Very Optimohas been in charge of producing the report called “Optimo Trends” in which analyses the increase in online purchases in Italy during the first two weeks of lockdown. Since Spain is just a few days behind Italy’s state of alarm, this data can be extrapolated to it. 

The data indicates that the web traffic has increased over 40% during the first week of lockdownin Spain, compared to the usual data. Also, the web traffic in Italy has increased by 70% in two weeks. The report also reflects that Italy has increased the sale of drugs by 50%, compared to the same period in the last year, during the second week of lockdown. This also means that sales have increased by 10 to 20% in the rest of industries. This data is not definitive in Spainbut follows the tendency in Italy. 

There have also been new consumers and new ways to purchase, that is evident because they had to adapt to new ways of consumption. The customer’s profile has quite changed, there are now older people as well as people who had never experienced this way of consumption. This massive online sales are not similar in all industries. Very Optimo divides companies in Italy and Spain into three large and different growth levels: 

  • The industries that are increasing their sales through their digital channels. 
  • The industries that are adding to their business model a new digital channel and are exploiting it.  
  • The industries that are closing their business in the meantime. 

Despite the huge negative impact on the Spanish economy and households due to the health crisis, the coronavirus forces companies to be more creative and agile in the way they sell and communicate with its customers and potential customers.This is a great opportunity for optimist, adaptable and visionary people of the digital world. 

Due to these uncertain and tense days amid the global pandemic, that has stopped the Spanish activity and that has forced the Spanish Government to adopt lockdown measures, the web traffic there has experienced an exponential increase. Telecommunications networks have begun to experience a “traffic explosion” in the last few days. 

Telephony sources have estimated, through IP address, a web traffic increase of around 40%. Mobile phone usage has increased by 50%, whereas Internet used has increased by 25%. These figures demonstrate how essential is the mobile phone as a tool for communication amongst the Spaniards. What is more, WhatsApp, the most used instant messaging app in Spain, has increased x5 its traffic recorded in the last few days. WhatsApp is mainly used to send “memes”, photoshop images, voice notes, and have group conversations. The app has over 2 million users worldwide. Although, the web traffic has also increased since employees have been telecommutingin the last few days.  

Video conferencing services such as Skype or Webex have also increased x4 their use. Therefore, the Spanish Telecommunications operator, Telefónica, has urged citizens to make responsible use of fixed and mobile networks to ensure their proper operation. 

The Internet exchange point operator DE-CIX, has achieved a new world record in traffic peakduring the evening of 10 March, with a throughput of more than 9.1 Tbit/s. The equivalent of that amount is a simultaneous transmission of up to 2 million HD quality videos or a data volume of more than 2 billion A4 pages. Never before have so much data been exchanged at an Internet exchange point. Thomas King, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at DE-CIX highlights Internet usage and indicates that it is increasingly playing a bigger role whether by sharing information, by watching streaming movies or by playing online. He also points out that one of his top priorities is to ensure a stable and secure Internet infrastructure, no matter how difficult these times are. 

Source: Noticias 2D, Alimarket, Empresa Exterior, ABC, La Razón 

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