We do teleworking!

In Fellow Funders we’ve been preparing ourselves for several weeks to any possible stage related to the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. We have followed closely its evolution and impact in our main markets. Last Tuesday 10th March, due to the changes announced by the national and autonomic authorities, we already put at the disposal of all our staff the necessary tools to be able to continue working remotely.

Fellow Funders team working from home 

We are happy and grateful to announce that, after more than one month, all our areas are operating with total naturality and that all the plans are being carried out.  

We know that all businesses are not able to do that, and unfortunately, all this situation will impact on our economy and, therefore, on our society. Nevertheless, due to this uncertain situation, Fellow Funders is taking advantage of this opportunity to learn. This situation has helped us to improve both in processes and in some other respects, like family conciliation.  

We, the current companies, show off digital knowledge. However, we are learning a lot from this experiment and we are sure that we can keeping improving and growing all together towards a better and more prepared world.  

In Fellow Funders we can only appreciate the effort of everyone, both of the institutions and public employees. We know they are trying their best for the sake of all and our employees and clients, who are more than supportive in these really uncertain moments. 

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