Acelera Pyme, source of financing for your digitization project

Acelera Pyme, source of financing for your digitization project

Acelera Pyme offers a program with all the necessary financing tools to develop your digitization project; thus, softening the impact of COVID-19.

Instituto de Crédito Oficial (ICO)a Corporate State-owned Entity, has launched a Guarantee Line. It aims to support Spanish companies and self-employed people by guaranteeing liquidity. For these groups, it means to guarantee loans and renewals granted by financial organizations in order to cover the derived duties of financing. For example, salaries, invoice payments, cash-flow or other liquidity needs including maturities of financial or tributary obligations. For SMEs and self-employed people, the Guarantee Line will represent 80% of loans and renewals. For the remaining companies, the Guarantee Line will represent 70% of the loan and 60% of the renewals. You can find more information here 

On another note, ICO launched the financing line ICO Company and Entrepreneurs through the Acelera Pyme program. Its purpose is to allocate 200 million euros for finance digitization projects and promote work solutions. 

ICO Tourism sector COVID-19 is the new financing line that has been launched by the Acelera Pyme program. It is aimed towards companies and self-employed people linked to the tourism sector that have been affected by the pandemic. 

Source: Acelera Pyme  

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