Maktea, the Natural Sugar- and Additive-free Soft-Drink that will Revolutionize the Beverage Market

Maktea, the Natural Sugar- and Additive-free Soft-Drink that will Revolutionize the Beverage Market 

Health, eating and healthy habits are a growing concern for many individuals in the last few years. 

20th Century was marked by the battle against tobacco whereas in this Century it is quite likely that the enemy to beat is the sugar. 

The WHO has warned about the dangers of excessive sugar consumption and its direct link to obesity, CVD’s and diabetes (an important health problem nowadays). Therefore, countries such as the UK, Mexico and in Spain (Catalonia) have introduced a sugar tax on soft drinks. 

We are facing a wave of changes in consumption. On the one hand, for that that is being done from the official and regulatory bodies. And other other hand, because there is also an increased demand for the natural. What is more, we see trends such as superfoods or slow life that seeks to achieve a healthier and more conscious way of eating. 


Maktea is born in this context. It is a drink that meets this increased demand, meet with the needs of more demanding consumers whom seeks a low-calorie drink with natural ingredients. 

Maktea is the first 100% infused tea drink, unlike other similar drinks that only have tea extract. For instance, Nestea have 1.1g of tea per litre, whereas Maktea 18gr per litre, the same amount found in a self-made tea. 

There are three presentations (white, green and black), it does not have refined sugar because it is naturally sweetened with the sugars from apples, and with Stevia, that results in a low-calorie, non-gas drink. 

Maktea is a refreshing and healthy drink with all the benefits of tea: It is an antioxidant and diuretic drink. It also strengthen our defences and helps reduce the cholesterol and triglycerides level. It is a low-calorie drink. You will find it in three original flavours: watermelon, mango-pineapple and cinnamon. It is 100% natural, it does not have any additive, added aroma, additive colour or preservatives. All products have a “clean label”, i.e. they do not include any E-number ingredient

Natur Drinks 

Natur Drinks in the company that makes and markets Maktea and Zenpure, its other tea-based products. 

The company has been operating on the market since 2015 and has achieved the following milestones: 

  • Sales of 150K units in 2016 
  • Presence in over 700 supermarkets and over 9,000 catering companies 
  • Maktea was a finalist for the Best Innovation award at the 2016 Food Fair (Mejor Innovación en la Feria Alimentaria) 

Natur Drinks expects to sell more than 500K units this year, with a net return of more than 15% and a gross margin of more than 35%. 

Therefore, it is a promising company that has started a process of raising capital through crowdfunding in collaboration with Fellow Funders. Check out all the details of this project here, and be part of the company that will revolutionize the healthy soft drink market. 

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