Mondobets the First Betting Site with Professional Fantasy Football Betting is Launched at Fellow Funders

Mondobets the First Betting Site with Professional Fantasy Football Betting is Launched at Fellow Funders will be launched in Spain next July. This unique online betting platform in Spain has an innovative offer for online games, for sports betting and includes a football fantasy league. 

It is not a coincidence that many betting sites have been launched in the last few years in Spain. Since the entry into force of the Gambling Regulation Act (Ley de Regulación del Juego) in 2012, several licences have been granted to different operators. Most of them focused on offering “traditional” products, such as slots, roulette, blackjack, or sports betting. And it makes sense since, a priori, is a quite profitable business. But what if innovative games with a high social component could also be offered? 

Mondobets presents its differential ‘bet’ 

Mondobets is a new betting site in Spain with a very clear mission: to offer a wide variety of highly demanded quality products and with a clear social component. That is its main bet! And among other news that are still to be revealed, we will find the first offer of Fantasy Football paid and professional from Spain. 

One of its partners in this new trip will be, the main platform behind the best-known Fantasy Futbol Manager in Spain, ‘Futmondo‘. They have been in charge of providing the necessary technology to be able to offer this new service to meet the most demanding users’ expectations. 

What is more, Mondobets does not plan to set aside those complementary products that works and that are in high demand today… We’re talking about slots or sport betting. 

Counting on those who believe in you 

With all this, the innovative betting site seeks to embark on this new adventure with its clients, suppliers and partners, in exchange for a small share in the company. There can be no more accurate bet than investing in what you happily consume and what you blindly trust. 

Mondobets plans to raise €1.1 million this summer through our crowdfunding Fellow Funders equity platform. A maximum of €1.3 million can be raised according to the Spanish law applied to this type of investment. 

If you think this is a project you would like to be a part of, we encourage you to check out further information about so on our platform and make your investment

IMPORTANT! Once the investment round starts, try to be aware of our communications so you won’t stay out. We know that this is a project that many of you will want to invest in, but if 125% of the goal to be raised is reached, the round will be automatically closed. 

Let the game begin! 

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