New Advertising Models in the 21st Century

New Advertising Models in the 21st Century 

From the new media and online channels, to a generation of advertisement made by the customers. 

We are all quite aware that nowadays the present mean of communication is the Internet. From our essential search engines, to the interaction with Social Networks, to the online journal. Whether it is from our laptop or from the wide variety of our mobile devices. We already know this, but what will be the next step? 

An ever-evolving medium 

One of the advantages of online media, is the speed of its deployment. It allows reaching a mass audience in very short periods with an incredible small investment when compared to more traditional media. In the past, million-dollar investments was required in order to have a constant presence in media, such as the television or the written press. But, they are now easily “replaceable”, if you have a good multi-level deployment strategy in online media. 

From a consistency and daily dedication to corporate social networks, to the hiring of digital advertising spaces in innovative media, to impactful ad formats that until now have never been seen. 

From the image, to the gif, to the video 

With the emergence of the first social networks, more than 15 years ago, we soon realized that the content, the more visual, the better it worked. 

We start by sharing hundreds of images with our family and friends. Becoming something like an online, massive and collaborative photo album. 

We progressed 5 years forward thanks to the rapid development of mobile technology, both at the hardware level on our devices, and in the deployment of network infrastructures, and we find that mini videos, or gifs, is the new fashion.  

These allow us to communicate more than with a simple image, and also in a much more “dynamic” format. Welcome be the MEMES! The possibilities offered by both at the personal and corporate levels are exponentially multiplied. 

We kept evolving a couple of years, and from the gif, we move on to the video. A even more versatile format that allow us to include everything we need. Since the video has something that the gif has not, the sound. 

The world’s television for all 

Thanks to our powerful and versatile mobile devices, we are at a time when, as users, we are already able to create content in a simple way and that is visually very attractive. We can communicate a lot in cost-effective way. 

That is why more alternatives, that seek to exploit in one way or another all this new potential opportunity to communicate more and better, are emerging.  

It is estimated that the equivalent of 24,000 days are uploaded in videos every day. Yes, every single day! This data keeps growing. Hence, new business models are being created. These seek to take advantage of this new trend at the commercial level

User-Generated Advertising 

In line with the customer loyalty strategies and branding most endorsed today, we know that the customer must be in the core of our messages. We must involve him in our brand, products and achieve a two-way communication between the parties. 

Through social networks and instant messaging services we have already managed to lay the groundwork for this communication. But what if we take it one step further? 

Our client is the recipient of our speech, but why not make him the ambassador of our speech? 

We know that when a customer directly recommends our product or service, we have achieved the best possible advertising strategy. Ad from mouth to ear, and nowadays from the keyboard to the screen, will always work better than a paid, one-sided speech. 

YouShow is launched! This innovative startup (that you will soon find in the financing round in Fellow Funders) has grasped this opportunity and given value to today’s digital users, for tomorrow’s companies. 

Its business model consist of adding this valuable content generated by users spontaneously, in the new advertising of the brands. Therefore, making users/customers a kind of real ambassadors who will naturally promote the product. 

Check out some examples and the customers that already work with YouShow. This will soon become the tomorrow’s ad method. It is shocking! Don’t you think? 

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