Rocking Baby – Get the most out of your investment in BabyMico (Rocking Baby)

Rocking Baby – Get the most out of your investment in BabyMico (Rocking Baby)

There are special discounts for Babymico investors (Rocking baby) 

In Rocking Baby we want our future investors to be involved in advance, that is why we give you a firsthand opportunity to check out the quality and design of our products. We also offer you some special discounts depending on the amount invested. 

To show you how much we appreciate your investment, you will receive an extra benefit, depending on the amount invested in BABYMICO: 

€100 voucher. 
  • For €1,000 invested you will get a €100 voucher for Rocking Baby products. 

€200 voucher. 

  • For €2,000 invested you will get a €200 voucher for Rocking Baby products. 

A free RB2 Baby Trolley and an invitation to the Rocking Baby’s launch. 

  • For €7,000 invested you will receive a brand-new baby trolley (2019) valued in €500. You will also be invited to the official brand launch (on the media, for bloggers and for influencers) in April this year.

What is Rocking Baby? 

Rocking Baby is a brand that designs and produces baby trolleys. Blanca GarellyCEO of BabyMico S.L, a company in which Rocking Baby is part of the line of business, realized that the baby trolley’s offer didn’t meet the parent’s needs. Thanks to Blanca’s ability to understand this situation and her other lines of business, she founded this baby trolley workshop. This is an innovative quality product set at a very competitive prices: 40% cheaper than the leading product in the sector (it is also a product delivered without intermediaries.) 

In addition, you can find the Rocking Baby products in the stores of the company where it belongs (BabyEco). This allows the product to have more visibility than it would have in another offline shop as well as keeping a closer relationship with its end consumer. 

Why should I invest in BabyMico? 

Rocking Baby products finally meet the parents’ demands that so far haven’t been met. Thanks to its Rocking Baby business line boost, the company could increase its share market each year up to the point of obtaining a high and stable profit in a reasonably short period. The capital raised through Fellow Funders is allocated to BabyMico S.L. This round aims at enhancing Rocking Baby, a very synergistic company with other lines of business. 

You can find further information on this: link. You can solve any doubt in the Investment Room. 

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