To provide the hospital of Leon with resources against the COVID-19.

To provide the hospital of Leon with resources against the COVID-19.

Solidarity does not cease to grow as the days go by. There are many people who seek to contribute, in one way or another, everything that is within their reach. 

That is why many crowdfunding – or collective financing – campaigns have already been launched.  

Some of the most outstanding ones are the one carried out by the famous ‘influencer’ and businesswoman  Chiara Ferragni and her husband, who have managed to raise a total of 4 million euros – through the GoFundMe platform – allocated entirely to the Ospedale San Raffaele in Milan in order to continue fighting the pandemic. 

Unfortunately, Spain is not exempt from this scarce resources problem, it is worth metioning the campaign launched by content creator, Jorge Cremades, also through the GoFundMe platform, and whose funds, which amount to €230,237, for the time being, will be allocated to the  Hospital La Paz

In this case, the main objective of the crowdfunding campaign, carried out through the same platform (GoFundMe), is to raise funds that will be used, in the first place, to provide healthcare resources to the University of León Healthcare Complex in order to tackle the coronavirus. The initiative seeks to raise funds to provide PIDs, ventilation equipment or COVID-19 detection tests. 

Likewise, with the proceeds, which at the moment amount to €6949, an attempt will be made to support the various initiatives that have recently emerged in León with the same aim: the fight against the coronavirus

The forerunners of the initiative, three young people from León, say that they are in contact with the León City Council, the Government Sub-delegation and the León Hospital

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