Tips for efficient teleworking

Organizing a daily task of activities and avoiding distractions are some of the keys to keeping work at home from stressing you out. Those of us who are able to continue working from home are privileged and it is in our hands to prove that it is more effective. We have the opportunity to increase our productivity. However, we want to point out some mistakes and give you tips and tricks to make this confinement a productive task. 

Most common errors in teleworking 

  • Working in pajamas: Showering and changing clothes is one way to help the body mechanize the start of another task. Working in the same clothes we sleep or rest in generates a feeling of lethargy and is a constant invitation to maintain a restful attitude, which in the long run can generate apathy and a decrease in productivity. 
  • Thinking that there are no schedules: We must organize our day so that we do not have to improvise. 
  • Not having the right tools: we must have, as far as possible, the same comforts and features as in the office. Small screens, not using a mouse or not adopting an ergonomic position will mean an extra effort and will increase fatigue. 
  • Too much disconnection: working from places where there is no good coverage or the Internet is slow will slow down our tasks, weaken our contact with the team and decrease our productivity. Going to the beach to work remotely is tempting, but you have to take a good look at the conditions and connectivity of the place you choose. 
  • Doing housework while you work: putting in a washing machine, taking the dishes out of the dishwasher or sweeping up are tasks that end up being more distracting than we think. 
  • Using the computer for moments of rest: we run the risk of blurring the line between work and moments of dispersion. It is better to get up and drink an infusion or stretch your legs than to rest at the computer. And, in case we want to consult something on the Internet, do it from the mobile phone or a support other than work. 
  • Lack of confidence: We must leave behind that feeling that we lose control of the company when workers telework. In short, we have to trust our workers 

Tips and tricks for efficient teleworking 

  • Agenda: It is essential to get organized and have clear objectives for the day. We must plan the day’s events, in the morning and in the afternoon, and determine which objectives need to be met. 
  • Keep a firm schedule: Although our employment allows us some flexibility, we must get used to a certain schedule. Establish when to take a break or eat and commit yourself to respect the established times (the ones you would take at the office) to avoid having an endless working day when we do not stick to the schedule and the task gets longer. 
  • Make it clear to those around you at home that you are working. Obviously we will be closer to our partner, friends, family and even children. We should try to maintain a certain distance during working hours, otherwise we will end up being interrupted on multiple occasions.  
  • Keep the connection with your colleagues and try to do it with professional tools like Slack. Using WhatsApp as a means of communication allows for personal conversations outside of work to get in the way and distract you. 
  • Separate your workplaces from your breaks. The most effective way is to create a small relaxing space that allows us to disconnect, always from an environment of tranquility. 
  • Music without lyrics and with a suitable rhythm to work. Nothing super-quiet or that ends up hijacking our attention. Of course, no radio unless we do a very monotonous job that does not require much concentration. 
  • Turn off the computer at the end of the day. This habit helps you to switch off and avoid thinking constantly about your work, which can be overwhelming. Work can cause us to hyperconnect and prevent us from enjoying quality free time. 

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