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The founders of Mooevo dreamed of a solution for the mobility limitations experienced by Joselete, son of their friend Jose. With their expertise in electric mobility and bicycles as founders of ROTOR and eBike75 backing them up, they applied their knowledge of engineering, electronics, and mechanics to design Mooevo; this way transforming the mobility experience for the entire family.  

On March 2020, Mooevo answered Madrid region’s call to implement their mobility solutions at Madrid’s IFEMA field hospital. The company donated their available Mooevo Go units to help in the fight against the virus. Their initial purpose was to transport patients within the large IFEMA field hospital, as well as health personnel assisting them.  

Besides sparing kilometers and hours of physical effort in the daily fight against the virus, some Mooevo units were repurposed for other activities such as goods distribution; transfer to laboratories for testing; delivery of parcels, medical devices, medicaments, and test units. All these done in less time.  

Mooevo gives mechanical propulsion to a regular wheelchair through a power platform and clamping system that push and guide the wheelchair in a simple and safe way.  

This innovative mobility solution propels the wheelchair for long distances and both uphill (up to 10% gradient) and downhill; thus, providing its user with an easier and effortless way of autonomous transportation.  

Ignacio EstellésCEO of Mooevo, has spent weeks volunteering at Madrid’s IFEMA field hospital. He declared, “when the health crisis is over, everyone will go outside to enjoy the outdoors. But this crisis has made us more socially supportive. We will be more aware of the mobility needs the sick, elderly, dependent people, people with reduced mobility, their families, and caregivers might have. We believe Mooevo will improve their quality of life and broaden their horizons.” 

Mooevo is a zero-emission device. It can cover up to 20 km or 4 hours with a single charge (5km/h in accordance with current legislation) and it is able to bear and transport up to 200 kg between the person with reduced mobility and a companion. The device does not require the dependent person to have any mobility. Its use is also suitable on sidewalks. It can be transported door to door, as it can be folded. There is no age limitation for the companion. 

Javier Reguero, a Mooevo engineer, stated: “it is a double solution that eases some of the setbacks persons with reduced mobility experience, such as using physical effort to carry the wheelchair, the long distances, or going up or down curbs and hills.” He then added, “Mooevo transforms pushing the wheelchair in a fun and stimulating activity that expands leisure and social life possibilities.” 

After a pause due to the COVID-19 crisis, the company wants to start its expansion plan for the new Mooevo models, both in the domestic and international markets. With this objective in mind, the company has started to look for partners and new investors with Fellow Funders

Its financing round has taken place through our platform. You can access to more information with the link below. 

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