Healthcare industry: a (new) appealing sector for investors

If we have to decide who is the “protagonist” for having performed remarkably well during this crisis, without any doubt, we’d choose the HEALTHCARE sector. This industry was recently used a as political weapon… It was used as a susceptible element and it underwent big cuts to save on public spending. It was also used as a flag to capitalize a luckopportunity to support this great sector in our society

It has had to arrive a traveller coronavirus, with a name that reminds to that pet created by Javier Mariscal in the 1992. However, that certainly does not show us the same sympathy to make us realise we have pay it the attention it deserved and it reminds us every with large luminous signs. 

We know where we come from, where we are, but we now must look where we’re going to… 

Overall, companies in this sector have profited, in one way or another, from this situation during the last few months. Nevertheless, they have also had to face a changing and uncertain situation at multiple levels. They have been forced to adapt themselves to this current situation. All this help have put this sector in the spotlight and have made us realise this is an essential service and a fundamental pillar in our society. 

The production and distribution of surgical material, specialized medical care and the latest technology at the service of medicine and its care, makes the distance a critical factor to prevent the collapse of the health sector worldwide, putting a special stress on the need to make it as digital as possible. 

That is why digital solutions and big data as allies to control the pandemic, have been closely linked to this sector during it. As we have already mentioned in another article on the importance of digital solutions, they have played, and will continue to play, a decisive role in the recovery of Spain. Without them, it would have been impossible to go forward.  

In this context have emerged numerous initiatives of entrepreneurship ideas or even startups that have had to reinvent themselves to be able to survive or simply to try to collaborate in the fight against the coronavirus. Connected Life is a good example of a startup within the medtech sector. But, it has had to reinvent itself in order to collaborate in it.  

To do this, this company, which will soon be in the funding round through Fellow Funders, has partnered with Wanderlust World to integrate through its i-Life platform, all medical information in one App. In order to achieve its objective, the Wanderlust company has developed the proposal called WTIDand in collaboration with the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization) and the WHO (World Health Organization), with the aim of effectively complementing the identification functions of tourists and citizens. You can find more information on here. 

It is also worth noting the case of Mooevo that, despite not being within the health sector itself, it has managed to provide a really useful mobility solution to collaborate during the pandemic while donating all its available products from Mooevo Go to the IFEMA campaign hospital in Madrid. Helping to reduce the large distances within the facilities.  Mooevo is currently also looking for investors to continue to grow and continue to help many more families through Fellow Funders. If you are interested in the project, you can find further information on here. 

For all the aforementioned factors, the pandemic caused by the coronavirus has made clear how important healthcare is worldwideAlthough it now takes on more prominence, the sector was already attracted for investors.  Therefore, we can say that health, in addition to being one of the market trends, also has a defensive profile, so that at times of volatility and economic uncertainty as now, it has even more relevance and interest.   

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