Birra and Blues, a Future Beyond Beer

From the Crowd Investment division by Fellow Funders, we want to present you a brewery with its own personality and 100% artisanal. Birra and Blues is committed to produce its drinks with natural ingredients to achieve the highest quality standards. Ever since its creation, they have worked to achieve that their customers follow the “Blues” philosophy, i.e. the perfect combination between beer and music. 

The company launches its new product, the Hard Seltzer”: the perfect combination of a carbonated drink with the benefit of its low carbohydrate, sugar and calories, mixed with the right amount of alcohol and refreshing flavours. It is a fruit-flavoured alcoholic beverage with a beer-like crafting. It has recently been created in the US, a market that is expected to generate USD 2.5 Billion, with availability in large areas and increasing penetration into the catering sector and events.  

The main flavours of this beer are orange from Valencia and other Spanish fruits. In addition, they also use “non-traditional” ingredients such as fruits and rare spices that produce recipes as innovative as the manufacturing processes. 

The master brewer combines the best ingredients, always keeping traditional recipes, but giving a personal touch to the recipes to innovate in their composition and offer the customer the best flavour. 

Currently, they have practically new and equipped facilities for production. What is more, they can produce 275,000 litres of beer annually that could be multiplied threefold in the case of producing Hard Seltzer. Hence, reaching up to 825,000 litres. The awards and prizes they currently have, support these figures. All this becomes it in the second largest brewer (in size) in the Valencian Community. 

Currently at Birra and Blues, they are looking for investors, to grow alongside with those who matter the most to them and to make available its product everywhere in the world. The funding round will be available in our platform in the next few weeks, if you don’t want to miss out this investment opportunity, you can let us know your interest without commitment or find further information: 

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