Grey Glasses, the Digitization of the Optical Sector

GreyGlasses is a Spanish company that sales glasses and sunglasses, to do so, they use Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence in an attempt to revolutionize the optical sector with digitalization. 

What is more, in a successful attempt to adapt the company amid the lockdown, GreyGlasses developed its own digital platform based on Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence directly on the web, where the client can wear on the different frames available. This enables the company to deliver up to 5 frames to the client’s home for free. Therefore, the client can wear them as though he were in the physical store before finishing the purchase. 

To sell prescription glasses, a correct eye examination is required. Therefore, all clients can have their eyes checked for free in any of the ophthalmic clinic with which GreyGlasses collaborates. 

This is possible due to an exclusive collaboration agreement with the APOE (Professional Association of Ophthalmologists of Spain, by its Spanish acronym). Which enables the company to have the support of more than 30 ophthalmologists distributed throughout the Spanish territory. The agreement will come into force after the crisis generated by the COVID-19. 

Besides being one of the few online platforms that sells prescription glasses in Spain and which also effectively implements its virtual fitting room, GreyGlasses has recently opened its physical store in Madrid (Calle Campoamor, 10). As a way to complement the online business and to be able to support its growth in Europe

Currently, the company wants to continue growing. That is why it has decided to start a financing round through the Crowd Investment Platform by Fellow Funders. If you decide to join this revolution in the optical sector, not only will you receive profits, but also you will be given an exclusive edition of sunglasses and computer glasses designed only for this round. The glasses will have “Stakeholder” written on the inside. 

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