Birra & Blues closes in less than two hours a round of €425,000, 125% of its initial objective

  • The Valencian brewery inspired by the music ​Birra & Blues produces up to 15 craft beers and its Tripel, Doble Ipa, John Lee Blues and Ipa Blues have been awarded several times at the World Beer Awards in London​ in their respective styles.
  • Birra & Blues has closed its round of Equity Crowdfunding, through the Crowd Investment division of Fellow Funders, in ​1 hour and 50 minutes, achieving 125% of the target set: 425,000 euros.
  • The ​second largest brewery in the Valencian Community is capable of producing close to 150,000 litres per year. And, with this new round, the company will be able to start up its new Hard Seltzer and, in this way, multiply its production capacity, until reaching ​825,000 litres.

Madrid, 25 June, 2020 ​– The Valencian company Birra & Blues, dedicated to the production and marketing of craft beers made from 100% natural ingredients, and ​whose philosophy is to combine its 15 beers with music, has managed to raise 425,000 euros in its Equity Crowdfunding financing round in 1 hour and 49 minutes.Although Birra & Blues is in a process of transformation and “rebranding”, the company’s CEO, David Frá, has assured that “the vocation of Birra & Blues is to maintain the DNA of its brand, a fusion of two worlds: craft beer and music. We maintain the essence of the brand out of respect for our friends, customers and partners who trust our products”.

In fact, this company will continue to enhance its own personality and differentiate itself from its competitors to make customers follow the “Blues” philosophy.

With this philosophy, ​Birra & Blues has not stopped innovating and next September will launch its new product: “Hard Seltzer”, a drink with carbonization from fermentation, “with the benefit of its low content of carbohydrates, sugars and calories, mixed with just the right touch of alcohol and refreshing flavors. And with a brewing process similar to that of beer, but aimed at a wider audience. ​The funding round, obtained through Fellow Funders, will be aimed at expanding the production capacity for this new product and positioning the new brand.

Currently, the company is the ​second largest brewer in the Valencian Community and ended 2019 with sales of 152,000 litres for a current maximum production capacity of 275,000 litres. But with the new Hard Seltzer it can multiply its production capacity to​ 825,000 litres​.

For this purpose, Birra & Blues decided to open its capital with a financing round of €340,000 through the platform of Equity Crowdfunding, Fellow Funders a few months ago. The project was ​finally available on Wednesday June 24th at 12:00 pm, and by 13:50 pm​, the round had been completed to the 125% allowed by law on the initial target. Thus, it reached €425,000.

In addition, the company attaches great importance to social causes and will collaborate with WWF in cleaning up the oceans, offering them a share of its profits. For this reason, Fellow Funders considers Birra & Blues an ESG company.

“With this new project financed and after the rounds of EasyCharger and Cervezas Mica (financing in the middle of the COVID-19 confinement period), ​Fellow Funders strengthens its position among the main players in the alternative financing market,​ and especially in Equity Crowdfunding”, says Francisco Mariscal, CEO of Fellow Funders.

Likewise, ​Fellow Funders has become a reference in the market of alternative financing for real economy companies​, and especially in the craft beer sector after the rounds of Dougall’s, Althaia Artesana and Cerveza Mica.

About B​irra and Blues
Birra&Blues was born in 2009, brewing completely handmade beers in which the flavour is enhanced by the use of fruits from our country and without any kind of chemical to enhance its taste.

It is a company that wants to unite two passions, the world of beer and the world of music, which create a perfect combination, thus offering the customer a unique experience.
It has two Tap Rooms in the centre and on a beach in Valencia, where they sell these beers of great personality and quality. 

About ​Fellow Funders Fellow Funders is an independent firm whose mission is to support SMEs and startups in their expansion and consolidation plans through the search for an optimal financing model.

The Finance Symphony represents the harmony of the 4 movements at the service of entrepreneurs, managers and their companies, as well as investors: from the valuation of a company through Fair Value, through the financing rounds with the Crowd Investment platform, the financial and strategic advice through Alternative Assets, and finally through the accompaniment of its clients in their exits to the capital markets with its Capital Markets division.

These four movements are synergistic and harmonious. They work together to generate the same melody, offering their clients the services they need for their transformation, corporate growth and internationalization.

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