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With the objective of opening up new opportunities for technology companies based in Alicante, Francisco Mariscal, Fellow Funders CEO; Manuel Palomar, President of the University of Alicante (UA) and the Alicante Science Park Foundation (ASP); and David Devesa, law firm Devesa & Calvo CEO, have signed a collaboration agreement.

This agreement aims to boost investment and the legal guarantees of new innovative companies linked to ASP. Specifically, it aims to develop legal, tax, and business strategies in order to ease the companies’ access to financing

Measures such as the introduction of potential investors and the possibility of not going public alone in stock markets, like MAB or Euronext, ensure the success of the companies linked to ASP. It involves a financial and legal-tax consulting solution carried out by the following partners. 


The Alicante Science Park Foundation is a space of excellence and innovation. Its objective is to promote innovation and competitiveness among companies and institutions created at or linked to the park. It aims to boost the added valuewhich will be made possible with the assistance of law firm Devesa & Calvo, specialized in providing business law services for companies, investors, and institutions that operate in Spain. 

The Fellow Funders Crowd Investment platform intends to play an active role in this project with the main purpose being to support SMEs and startups in their expansion and consolidation plans. This can be achieved by searching for an optimal model of financing and by presenting projects with an elevated potential of growth to  investors.

“The role of alternative financing as an engine for business growth.” 

Mariano Colmenar, a senior Fellow Funders partner in the Capital Markets area, gave a conference on “The role of alternative financing as an engine for business growth.” After the conference was held, several technology-based companies have presented their projects to the new partners looking for potential investors. 

The first four candidate companies were: 

  • Kinetic Performance, company dedicated to physical activity. 
  • Applynano, its main activity is research of nanomaterials. 
  • Space Farmers, company that grows spirulina as food source. 
  • Bioithas, the company develops biomarkers to predict the evolution of diseases. 

This is only the beginning of a long-term project. Companies looking to take part of the project and are based in the  Valencian Region will have the opportunity to find investors with the best guarantees. They can also be included in the crowdfunding or fundraising processes, which are skillfully managed byFellow Funders as well as be guided when they finally go public. In conclusion, this project is not just a simple agreement, but an opportunity for those companies looking to grow and to get hold of new prospects


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