Wygers, the first Spanish club to seek financing through equity crowdfunding

Wygers eSports Development S.A. is a company born in November 2019, which is dedicated to the creation, development, management and operation of equipment and activities related to eSports and gaming

It is an esports club formed by different professionals with extensive experience in the industry of electronic sports and also in business management. Its main objective is to become a reference organization within the world of esports, planning a long-term project like Wygers. 

Despite having been in the sports sector for less than a year, it has already managed to participate in the best national leagues and tournaments, as well as being runner-up in Europe in the well-known game Apex Legends

At Wygers they know that the great achievements they have made in such a short time are due to the effort, talent and creativity of everyone in the organisation. They also stand for the values of a sports club, such as diversity, teamwork, integration and dedication. 

Currently Wygers has opened a financing round with which they hope to obtain sufficient capital to continue growing as an organization and to position themselves as one of the great esports clubs at a national level and in the future a reference in the international panorama. This round is available through our Equity Crowdfunding platform, Crowd Investment. Wygers has already captured almost 100% of its financing round. However, it can still reach 125% with your help. You can invest or learn more about The Round by clicking on the button below – do not miss out! 

“Do you want to have your own sports club? Invest in Wygers Esports Club, the most promising team on the scene today. #BeWyger and invest in the digital entertainment of the future. “Ricardo Ruipérez, Co-Founder at Wygers 

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