ñ business club: the world’s first club for Spanish-speaking leaders

ñ business club  is the world’s first club for Spanish-speaking leaders to connect CEOs, senior executives, startups, and investors through an innovative  digital platform and exclusive events.  More information here

The club’s mission is clear: to promote a worldwide collaborative project among the Spanish-speaking community, whose performance will be key to the future. Relevant and effective global networking opportunities are offered through ñ business club. Their members are presented with personalized quality contacts. Do you want to know more?

As a  Fellow Funders investor, you will receive a very special  €100 discount on your first ñ business club membership , so you can reach every corner of the Spanish-speaking world. 

Why ñ business club?

They are a new generation club. Most current clubs have physical spaces, are outdated, target local markets, and lack of a modern digital platform. None of them is exclusively for Spanish speakers.

Even LinkedIn has stated 85% of professionals make offline contacts at least once a month. Connections, collaboration and share knowledge for a better world. That is their vision: innovation and collaboration among professionals with decision-making power to fulfill our common responsibility to improve the world.

United by the letter ñ 

Not only we share a common language, but also how we see the world, enjoy life, communicate and collaborate. A sense of belonging and belief in which the Spanish-speaking community role is key to contribute to our global future

Among big personalities that have already joined ñ business club are Juan Verde, one of world’s 100 most influential Spanish speaker and former advisor to Barack Obama and Bill Clinton, Heineken China CEOs, LVMH Iberia, L’Oreal Chile, Inflexión Private Equity, Orfeo Capital and AlgaEnergy and Brands and Rights founders. As well as one of  100 most influential women in the Spanish technology sector and one of the 100 business leaders under 40

The club has a global presence. Currently, they operate in North America, South America, Europe and Asia

Your personal adviser: privilege contact and link to other members.  

Your personal advisor will be your privilege contact while you take part in ñ business club. Your personal adviser will facilitate getting in touch with other club members as well as finding the connections that are most relevant to you

Our exclusive events

The exclusive events feature carefully selected speakers. They are selected based on their knowledge and experience in cutting-edge topics such as mobility, cybersecurity, blockchain, AI, IoT, climate change, corporate innovation, impact investing, and many more. 

Find here all the information about the events programmed. The event on  July 28, 2020 at 5 pm will focus on  Exponential Leadership: the CEO of the future  with Néstor Marquez, Rosa Peña, Adrián Herzkovich and Edwin Moreno.  

You can follow ñ business club on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and  YouTube

Become a member now and take advantage of the €100 discount on your first membership. 

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