What happened with EasyCharger?

EasyCharger is a charging station network for all electric vehicle types. It provides semi-fast, fast and ultra-fast chargers, distributed in service stations along main Spanish highways. A financing round for the company ended just a few months ago through our platform. The initial target was set in €500,000. However, thanks to the support of 150 investors, the total funding amount reached its legal maximum (125% or €624,979). 

EasyCharger currently has 20 operative fast charging points (50 kW) and 17 semi-fast charging points (22 kW). The latter can serve two vehicles at the same time. All charging stations have CCS, CHAdeMO and Type 2 connectors available, so any electric vehicle on the market can use them. 

new fast charging station has been recently opened at Puerta de la Montaña service station (A 67, km 94). Located close to Aguilar de Campoo, it is a strategic point to access the northern part of the country. The company plans to open at least two more stations throughout the summer. 

Despite the slowdown experienced during the state of alarm, the company made the most out of it and initiated projects of super-fast charging stations that have 180 kW connectors available. During that period, EasyCharger’s team grew with the addition of three new highly qualified professionals

The company’s objective is clear: to provide electric vehicle owners with freedom by creating an automatized European charging station network where any type of electric vehicle can be charged with 100% renewable energyAn app has been developed in the pursue of said objective.  

The app is intuitive and simple to use. It allows users to control every step of the charging process, as well to make payments, manage invoices and to plan trips. It can be used for charging the electric vehicle without having to carry a contactless card

The app also allows its users to have total control over the charging process, access charging status details in real time, and check the condition and location of connectors. Thanks to the app, users can properly follow how much they have spent on charges and group them all in a single monthly bill. 

One of EasyCharger’s most innovating medium-term challenges is the development of a tool called SMART ROUTE PLANNER, which is expected to be operative somewhere in 2020. Some of the company’s most well-known partners are Nissan, Galp, Plugsurfing, Gireve, DCS, Miio, and many more. 

Without a doubt, EasyCharger is doing an excellent job. All the news they have shared with us in this article are proof of that. So, remember: if you have an electric car and you go on a holiday, we recommend you to charge your vehicle at one of EasyCharger’ charging stations distributed along the main Spanish highways. 

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