SanFrutos: the real beer

SanFrutos, an independent family craft brewery focuses on the elaboration of their own beers using exclusively cereal malts, hops and natural yeasts. Innovation and preservation of traditions come together to bet on the quality and variety of the real beer.  

This brewery was founded in 2013 by the brothers Mateo and Adrián Sanz in Hontoria (Segovia) at the foothills of the Guadarrama mountain range. The brothers started to make beer with a homemade equipment in their parents’ cellar. At that moment, they decided to set up SanFrutos. 

SanFrutos has a wide variety of beers with some fixed references, others are temporary and there are also some partnerships with other brands. In only seven years, SanFrutos beer has become a referent in the craft beer world. Due to their good-quality beers, they have been nationally and internationally awarded and acknowledged several times; from Barcelona Beer Challenge to the so-called “Barrilito de Oro.” 

The business development goes through a new and ambitious project. The purpose is to move and enlarge the factory in a new 13,000 m²  (139930 ft²) plot, which is 5km away from Segovia, next to the N-110 road. The business will be expanded with the introduction of gastronomy, events, and experience-based tourism.  

According to what Adrián Sanz explains in Factoría de Cerveza, “we ran this business without being fully aware of that. We started, without a doubt, with an oversized factory for a city like Segovia.” He adds, “as time passed by, however, the crazy move we made has become a wise decision because we have not been forced to reinvest and that has been positive.” 

To face this project, which is expected to become tangible in one year and a half, SanFrutos Beers is looking for small investors who wish to grow with this company. For that, they have launched an Equity Crowdfunding campaign through our platform. Moreover, those who decide to invest will be given some rewards: 

If you decide to invest in this project, please click here.

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