SanFrutos beer manages almost half million euros in a financing round

  • The owners of the brewery will earmark part of this amount for implementing their new factory, which has more production capacity and it is open to public.  
  • This brewery from Segovia produces more than ten different craft beers. Several awards have been awarded throughout their history, apart from a prestigious public acknowledgment. 
  • San Frutos has closed its Equity Crowdfunding round through our Crowd Investment division, obtaining 112% of the fixed objective: 448,000 euros. With this round, part of its new installations, which are more efficient and have a recreational area for beer tasting, events, and pairing will be financed. 

SanFrutos works under the basis of quality, variety and balance, and it has more than ten different own beersThis company has gained the trust of 201 investors who have invested 448,000 euros in the Equity Crowdfunding round. 

SanFrutos is a family business founded by the brothers Mateo and Adrián Sanz de Santos. For them, the main purpose of making beers is to share them. Mateos said, “we like beer, and we like beer in companionship.” This idea is one of the pillars of the future project, that entails opening part of the factory to the public in order to develop a brewing culture and to make the production process known.  

Innovation and tradition are not incompatible for SanFrutos. In fact, the brothers / the company consider(s) that joining innovation and tradition is the key for getting a real craft beer that is able to become a national reference in the craft sector, as they are managing already. The craft beer sector is experiencing a great improvement and SanFrutos has positioned its brand as a national reference. 

Since its foundation in 2013SanFrutos has not stopped growing. From obtaining a revenue of 28,000 euros in their first year to a tenfold increase of 312,000 euros revenue in 2019.  The reason is its production capacity of 300,000 liters per year, which can be tripled in the new factory. 

SanFrutos decided some months ago to open their capital with a 400,000 euros financing round through our Equity Crowdfunding platform. The aim was to enlarge their production capacity and to get two new warehouses: one focused on production and the other for a recreational area for tastings and events. 

The financing round was successful for both SanFrutos and Fellow Funders. The brewery will have the opportunity to keep selling their craft beers nationwide. Furthermore, Fellow Funders confirms its bet on alternative financing of breweries, after the previous rounds with Dougall’s, Althaia Artesana, Cerveza Mica and Birra&Blues. 

Moreover, Fellow Funders acknowledges SanFrutos as an ESG company, which is looking for sustainability by using local raw materials, reducing its water consumption and minimizing its carbon footprint.  Fellow Funders confirms its leadership in the investment and alternative financing market, especially with its Equity Crowdfunding platform, which is one of the most important ones in Europe.  

About Cerveza SanFrutos 

Cerveza SanFrutos was created in 2013 joining innovation and tradition to get a good-quality craft beer. Since its foundation, its catalogue has not stopped growing. The company has some fixed references, apart from temporary references and partnership with other brands.  

SanFrutos bets on quality, variety and balance as the main values to create their beers. They also make beers for nomad breweries, and they have become a national reference. 

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