28 reasons to trust Fellow Funders

28 reasons to trust Fellow Funders

Equity Crowdfunding is a world full of possibilities despite some obstacles along the way. At Fellow Funders we know that well. During the 3 years we have been operating, we have had the opportunity to go along these 29 companies that have successfully completed their financing rounds. 

Worktel | Internet | This platform for workspace and meeting rooms bookings became our first financing round and was able to raise €98,000. 

HBWell | Health | A technological platform that offers clinic services. A total of €515,000 were raised through its two financing rounds with Fellow Funders. 

Natur Drinks | Food | This company develops and markets healthy and innovative beverages within Europe. €162,000 were raised in its financing round. 

Cositas de España | eCommerce | Platform specialized in European fashion for the Latin American market. It raised €258,000 in two financing rounds through our platform. 

El Bernabéu | Sports | Digital media platform that shares Real Madrid soccer and basketball teams’ activities on a day-to-day basis. Its financing round was the first time we reached the legal maximum of 125% with a total of €94,000 raised. 

1785 | Fashion | The project’s objective was to convey a positive image of Spain. It raised €250,000 with Fellow Funders. 

CocopíFood | Delivery | This delivery service allows housewives to offer their food to companies. It raised €141,000 in its financing round. 

33 El Musical | Leisure | The company deals with acquisition of live stage projects whose beginning was a great musical starring 33 actors during two seasons. It raised over €187,000 in its financing round. 

Coolturebox | Leisure | Giving an experience box, like the ones offered by Coolturebox, might be one of the most original gift ideas. This project raised over €171,000 with Fellow Funders. 

Alboris Mancha | Agriculture | This farming company offered investors the ownership of 10 hectares (24 acres) for cultivation. The project raised €107,500. 

WowTrip | Travel | This innovative agency organizes surprise trips where the destination is only disclosed at the airport. In its financing round €162,000 were raised.  

Cervezas Dougall’s | Beer | Fellow Funder’s commitment to the craft beer market begun with this brewery. More than 438 investors participated in this project. The financing round was a success. The amount raised reached its legal maximum with a total of €1,250,000 in less than 6 hours. A record for sure. 

Rocking Baby | Childcare | To develop its baby stroller project, this company was able to raise €409,000 through Equity Crowdfunding. 

ChineSpain | Travel | This tour operator helps Chinese travelers who want to visit Spain and Europe. €300,000 were raised with us. 

Aiudo | Health and Social Care | This platform deals with the selection and management of caretakers for elderly or care-dependent people. The project is framed within our bet on responsible investments (ESG). Its financing round raised €157,000. 

Mondobets | Leisure | This online casino raised over a million euros with Fellow Funders. 

La Más Mona | Fashion | This startup represented an ESG investment option, as the project provided a sustainable and responsible solution for fashion consumption thanks to its bet for clothing and accessories rental. €404,000 were raised for this project. 

Dihme Group | Beer | This company initiated the first Spanish craft-beer-focused restaurant network thanks to the €625,000 raised with Fellow Funders. 

Althaia Artesana | Beer | This Mediterranean craft brewery raised over €577,000 through Equity Crowdfunding. 

Aura Robotix | MedTech | The Oscann Suite device developed by Aura can assist on the diagnosis of a neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s by using objective data. The amount raised during its financing round was over €540,000. 

EasyCharger | Mobility | It is the founder of a network of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. For its expansion plan throughout Spain, Easy Charger raised €625,000 in its financing round with Fellow Funders. 

Cerveza Mica | Beer | In its Equity Crowdfunding round, this Spanish craft brewery not only raised €324,500, but also its popularity among Fellow Funders investors. 

Birra&Blues | Beer | This Mediterranean craft brewery raised €425,000 to launch a new product named the Hard Seltzer. 

Mooevo | Mobility | Transportation’s means of transport. This platform allows mobility units such as wheelchairs to be transported alongside the person who drives them. This ESG project was celebrated by investors, who contributed with a total of €330,000 euros. The company collaborated with Madrid’s IFEMA field hospital during the first COVID-19 wave. 

Connected Life | MedTech | Helping those who help. Technology service for the identification of people in case of accident or emergency that raised €375,000 through its Equity Crowdfunding round. It is another useful tool for the current times. 

Wygers | Sport | This Spanish eSports club raised €625,000 in a round led by former professional soccer player Pablo Aimar. It is indeed a promising project due to its international projection and business vision. 

Ikan Biotech | Biotech | The activity of this company focuses on colon cancer research. To continue this research and expand towards other types of cancer, €750,000 were raised with Fellow Funders. 

SanFrutos | Beer | Fellow Funders’ latest craft beer venture. Its financing round was a complete success with over €458,000 raised. The craft brewery gained over 200 investors to support its future project. 

3 years of hard work and 29 startups have shown us there is an alternative to traditional investment: Equity Crowdfunding. Here at Fellow Funders, we are so confident about Equity Crowdfunding that we are currently supporting 5 new projects to obtain financing. You can check them all on our website. Venturing in business and becoming an investor is possible for everyone. Care to join us?  

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